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would you sell your wedding ring

would you sell your wedding ring

hi, i'm judy carrier with jewels by park lane.i'm going to talk to you about buying diamond rings. first of all, decide who is it for.if it's buying for yourself, it's a lot easier. if you're buying it for someone else, youhave to take into consideration what they like and what appeals to them. first of allyou have to decide what kind you're going to buy. i mean there's so many things to lookfor, you have to determine what type of cut you want. what color? you need to decide theshape of the ring. and take into consideration if you're buying it for someone else, howbig is her hand because you don't want to get a rock, that's you know, going to feelthat heavy, the whole thing. unless of course you're really trying to impress her and thatcan do it. the other thing, color is very,

very important and that will determine thevalue of your diamond as well. you know, blue and, is one of the more expensive colors.when you get into the yellows and browns, they're not as quite as expensive. the mostpopular one, when you're thinking like an engagement ring or something is, i would say,a clear white diamond because that reflects light and that is one of the things that youlook for, the different facets in cutting the ring. the other thing that's really importantwhen you're buying a diamond is your price range and that is probably one of the thingsyou have to decide first because that will determine the size, the weight, the colorand the cut. so start with that. then once you get that baby, get it insured; that wayyou don't have to worry about it when you

give it to her. i'm judy carrier with jewelsby park lane.

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will wedding rings fit after pregnancy

will wedding rings fit after pregnancy

someone said that tv serialsare like rubber bands. there never break even afterstretched very far. but even rubber bandsbreak after a point. and when that point came. . ..the tv serial peoplethought that.. ..something new needed to be done. our producers have createda lot of programs. and they know that creatingsomething new. . . . means putting oldwine in a new bottle.

the producers said that he wouldmake a reality tv show. that means making atv show in real life. but l would make the showon the issue of marriage. the channel readily acceptedhis proposal. who would have a problem withthe issue of marriage? neither the ones who show itnor the ones that see it. the date that the show wouldappear on tv was decided. then they realised that it wasnot the season of marriage. they searched here and there andfinally came across family..

. . where a marriage was fixed. and that was the familyof the joshis. why didn't you have yourfood even today, mother? don't worry about me.l shall not die. 'would you remain hungry tilljyoti gives birth to a son?' 'what is this madness, mother? you should marry a second time. uncle, move aside!- what happened? just move to a side.- yes, l am going.

'did you ever think whatjyoti did for our family? did you think about here. 'mother! jyoti is my wife..' my god! what an evil-soundingvoice! - lt is some dog. hi snoopy! have you come? 'then select who you want.' why doesn't someone drive it away?lt is crying in a house.. ..where a marriage isabout to take place. where did you go, my cutie?where did you go, my child?

who are you talking to,brother-in-law? she is my child, my daughter. where did you go, my child? so you have a daughter withouteven getting married! what happened to you? what is this? your child is pregnant,brother-in-law! congratulations! you have become a grandfatherwithout even getting married. father, your food. what are these? - 'potatoes withcurd?' - potatoes with curd?

do you like potatoes with curd? 'l like potatoes withcurd very much' but now l cannot takecurd which is sour. 'l know it. you have theproblem of acidity. that is why l madeit with plain curd' 'how lovingly would motherprepare it for you?' with a lot of love! these potatoes are still raw.- raw?! - yes. 'very unripe father! hislove is very unripe.

raw! father! the potatoes aren't haven't put your teeth on. 'he is one character on theinside and another outside' at every moment. how can l eat without my teeth? hey! give me my teeth. there a first class scene is goingon and you are pestering.. for your teeth. just wait a couple of minutes.

when the break comes, l shallget up and give them. your mother used totake good care of me. now when she is no more lfeel her loss in my life. she is very much alive. butl still feel her loss. my dear daughter-in-law! why don't you look in mypouch for them? - okay. manoj! what is the time foruncle's train to arrive? are you listening or not? -will you break my ear drums? father! your teeth are not in here.

my teeth aren't there? hello,where are my teeth? now don't pester me. l haven't taken a contractto preserve your teeth. but how can l eat my food? auntie, give him his teeth.he must be hungry. you don't keep quieteven for two minutes. always asking for thisthing and that. l don't know how you shallmanage if l were to die.

they aren't here. wheredid you put your teeth? l gave them to you only. you gave me?- yes. - when did you give me? l gave them to you aftermy lunch this afternoon. lunch this afternoon? - yes. -but that we had in the train! yes, that's right. wehad lunch in the train. my god! did you forget yourteeth in the train? so you left my teeth in the train! come fast. the band party is here.

where is so much noise coming from? hold on! stop all this. what is all this? - the bride'sparty sent them. - why? for your approval. they said thata band of 12 men would come.. ..and we could rejectif we didn't like them. so would they ask us evenregarding the band? okay, it is done. tellthem that we like it. he didn't even hear them playbut gave his approval.

but when are you supposedto go to the station? when does the train arrive? l have to go in the morning.the train is six hours late. l have inquired. no one ever reaches in time. lsthe driver there or is he gone? l shall go and getthem in a taxi. -okay. - what is this? - what? what is this? -these are my glasses! lt is already night. are you blind?

lt is an occasion ofmarriage. - take them off! and go to the station andwait for them there. he wants to become a heroby wearing glasses. tolerate him. uncle, please tell them to playthe song from 'tere naam' hey! you shall hear abuses frominside. - only one song, manoj uncle! jai, get inside the house.- only one song, mommy. let them play it. otherwisehe shall not let us go. play then! which one?- 'tere naam'.

hey! you dashed into my vehicle. you gave the signal to turnright but turned left! do you have a license todrive your vehicle? hey! don't use swear words. l am not using them on you, sir. don't use them at all.ladies are here. hey! take it off the way.- he doesn't listen to me. rakesh! how far isour house from here? uncle, my name is manoj.

whatever! let's leave thistaxi and go walking. wait a minute, uncle!let me see to it. uncle! uncle!- get down! get down all of you. how decent are the peopleliving in mumbai!. uncle. - lf this were to happen inbihar you can't imagine. . ..whatwould have happened by now. take out your luggage.we shall go walking. uncle! - so uncle,are you from bihar? how much should we pay you?- even l too am from bihar, uncle.

rakesh.. - but who is rakesh? rakesh, take theluggage out. - listen.. but who is rakesh?- uncle! you are really angry. hey! bihar is being defamedbecause of people like you. rakesh, take the luggage out. uncle, my name is manoj.- whatever.. listen, isn't even younger sonof suresh, who was born even.. ..after a vasectomy? speak in a low voice. he mighthear. - what if he hears?

lf he was born after a vasectomy,then that is it. you?- me? l'm sorry. - lt's okay. shall l get up?- yes! please get up.- sorry. please do it fast, rakesh! my name is not rakesh. you go!- excuse me, can you tellme where this house is? this house..!

and you?- asmi! sister-in-law - sister-in-law- sister-in-law asmi! l am asmi but notyour sister-in-law! lf you were supposed to comeyesterday. - yes, that is true. but l had some urgent work and so..- what urgent work?! you should have made a phone callto me and l would have come.. take you. uncle sheis sister-in-law asmi! go and touch of his feet,sister-in-law. the old man is very touchyand takes umbrage quickly.

go and touch his feet. go now! go! his feet? - yes, touch them. -otherwise he shall feel bad. go now! bend! bend!- may you live long! and she is our eldest auntie.touch her feet. and she is ritu. you neednot touch her feet. hi.- hi aunty! - aunty? lt is good that you havecome, sister-in-law. lt is very good. - notsister-in-law! not sister-in-law! what do you mean?- asmi yes, sister-in-law no!

yes, you told me even on the phonenot to call you sister-in-law. since you are younger in age. sister-in-law, this isthe house of marriage. there are many elders here. lf l don't address a sister-in-lawas sister-in-law then. . . .l shall be thrown out of thehouse. uncle, there is our house. where is it? - lt must bethat one. - there it is. which one are you talking about?- you walk on, we shall find it. but.. - you too come on.

this uncle from bihar doesn'tlook as old as he really is. he dyes his hair. he doesa 100 situps every morning. and he is so energetic. . ..that kamasutra is his favouritebook even at this age. but how come sister-in-lawasmi is here? brother must have said. . . . that if he came himself,he would be skinned. that is why he sentsister-in-law so as to cool.. ..the tempers of the people here.- how is brother, sister-in-law?

listen.. - okay, pick it up. but, l am.. l have no problem, sister-in-law.pick it up! you ran away and married in acourt. l have no problem with that. l suggest that one must marrythe person he or she loves. lnitially the people inour house may scold you. bear it for a while. comeand meet all of them. come and meet all the familymembers one after the other. come on, come sister-in-law!please come in.

come here all of you. l went to bring one guestbut returned with. . guess who has come. - who has come? some stranger must have come.but l don't know. lt is sister-in-lawasmi that has come. no, l am asmi but not. . dead. mother! mother! don't cry.- how can l not cry?

this girl has estranged my son and. my god! l did see the faceof my son since two years. mother! be quiet. they wentto a court and got married. don't be afraid, is all a drama. she shall become normal soon. why are you standing quiet?why don't you say something? what can l say? my teeth werelost in the train itself.

what happened? - youonly tell me, brother! my respects!- go and wash your face first. listen. l am not yoursister-in-law. l am asmi but not.. sister-in-law, please! thesituation might go worse. for god's sake why don'tyou understand? l'm not your sister-in-law. l understand, sister-in-law!l understand. but right now l have to call asister-in-law a sister-in-law. to hell with your sister-in-law!l'm not your sister-in-law!

hey god! ls she now going toreject even the relationship? she has snatched a sonfrom his mother. now will she keep quiet. . ..only after breaking whateverrelationship is left? you are mistaking me.l am asmi, asmi ganatra. yes.- not asmi sister-in-law. yes, but.. -shut up! and l did notcome from delhi. l stay right here in mumbai. l am a tv director.

what is that? l make tv serials.- what serial auntie? auntie?!.. l make them buthaven't made any so far. l mean.. - she hasn't made any! l mean, l'm going to make a newserial. lt is about you people. we are going to make 13 episodesabout this marriage. and that they do serial is aired. . ..all of you shall becomecelebrities.

all overnight! what shall we become? which city?- publicity, uncle! we shall become famous. what would you doby becoming famous? l ask you what you wouldgain by becoming famous? shall your milkmangive you free milk? or shall you get free rationat the grocery store? l ask you what you shall achieveby becoming famous. uncle, in today's world everyonewants to become famous.

how can l talk to you, madam?l don't even know you. nephew, you only answer her.she is your guest. you only tell her. uncle, what should l. . whydo you stammer like that? speak out your heart. l.. l.. l.. like a goat! please give me an autograph!- where should l do it? anywhere!

treatment for prickly heat! justone autograph of shekhar joshi! lt's okay. l give my approval. what happened? whyare you so anxious? why shouldn't l be anxious? show their marriages onthe tv. don't these.. ..t.v. people havemothers and sisters? show their marriages on the tv.and look at this son of suresh. he didn't even think about therespect of the house.. .. and gave his consent.

that is because he thinks he willbecome famous.. .. by appearing on the tv. all of us shall become famous- why would you become famous? the bride is his daughter, heis the bride's father and his.. ..wife is the bride's mother. they only will be in focus allthe time. you shall appear.. . . standing here and there likean extra with.. .. a rose turban on your head.

they will be the real stars. so what? they too aremembers of our family. who is seeking your opinion? you don't have teethbut say big things. lf we don't do anything then thisson of suresh put us to.. ..shame in public. l went here and there. l don'tknow where all l went okay stop! hi, this is ritu joshi and letus first meet the bride.

the marriage party moves aheadfollowed by the marriage band the groom has arrived,o bride open the door knock! knock! open the door! hi, this is ritu joshi and themarriage is after four days. decorate your handsand the palanquin your love is goingto come to take you so, how are you feeling ma'am?- feeling like shit! so that's how our bride feelstoday. she feels shitty! shitty shitty bride!

hey sister! you lack in glamoura bit. - yeah? - yeah! one minute, check this. why do you exclaim like that?this is their bread and butter. that is what l say. these have been earning moneysinfully and lost their religion. l've telling lies for fortyyears in bhagalpur. they say that suresh has become. . . . a rich man in mumbaiand ask me what he does. what should l tell them?

that he makes undergarments ofladies? my head hangs in shame whenl think of the questions they ask. what does he do?! we just tell them thathe does cloth business. but if one earns money immorally. . ..there will be sin in one's life. just see what his son did. he shall throw the prestige ofhis house to the streets in.. of fame.

this has come from here.- lt is not mine. hi! this is ritu joshi and now weshall talk to the eldest.. ..granduncle of the bride. grandpa, how do you feel onthis occasion? - lt's like.. grandpa, what is that in your hand?- lt is granny's bra! grandpa! that room is kept for you. we are going back. where to?

our home. we cannot stayhere any longer. - but why? what a question! we value ourprestige more than anything else. what happened now, uncle? we came here.. . . planning to attend the marriageof our granddaughter. here we learnt. . that what you are doing is notthe marriage of your daughter.. ..but a tv serial. please forgive me.

lf l go home people will say thathe went to attend a marriage.. . . but has returned afterperforming in a drama. how should l answer them? elder brother says the right thing. we too shall not stayfor the marriage. won't we stay? but my teeth aregoing to be delivered tomorrow. ln that case you may stay back withyour teeth. but l shall go. but uncle, how can this marriagewith performed without.. ..elders attending it?

no one shall go anywhere. whatever is the opinion ofthe elders in this house. . ..shall be binding on everyone. shekhar, call that tv woman. lt was so simple! so simple,like a piece of cake. l just told them that they wouldbecome stars and be famous.. ..and that 45 crore homesall over the world.. not 45 but 47 crores..470 million homes ..and that 47 crore homes all overthe world shall watch the..

..marriage in your home. l knew it was a wonderful idea.l knew it from the beginning. your mind is great, darling! super idea!- but that was.. my idea! hello l am asmi speaking. mr. joshi! tell me. what? ! but why? the reputationof your family?

but how can this? . . that's okay! but you.. but l.. but you andyour commitment.. hello! hello! what happened? they rejected theidea. - what?! what?! - what?! lt seems that some membersof the family didn't agree. l knew it. l knew it damn guys are so incompetent! absolutely incompetent!

we shall give the showto someone else. we shall do that just today.- no! l shall do something. l knew it! l said that such a big show cannotbe handled by a first-time director. l said that.- you certainly did. - damn! you knew the profileof your audience. - yes.. did you go there wearingthese clothes? l mean, you go to meet atraditional lndian family wearing.. ..these cloths?

no wonder, they don't relate toyou. are you julia roberts? - yes.. are you demi moore?- no! the show is about an lndianmarriage and you go there as if.. just returned from england! i will do something. what shall you do? give me just one day.- given! you are given a day's time. okay, one day. and yourtime starts now! okay, we shallgive you a new offer.

ls this a fish market thatyou came to bargain? bargain. this girl is really.. - why is he staring at me like a frog? we shall bear half the expensesof this marriage. l look okay. - she looks lovely. don'tthink about her. she is much higherthan your standard.

we shall save a lot of money.- really? lf they bear half the expenses... means that we shallsave at least 20 lakhs hey why are you murmuringthere like a woman? say it aloud before all. l am just saying uncle that. . can l think of goingagainst your wishes? okay, we shall bearthe entire expense. he became a frog again!

l don't know why thisold man is itchy. won't everyone feel nice if sucha beautiful girl is around.. ..for the marriage? then grandfather of the bridehas made up his mind. lsn't it suresh?- yes. give sweets to the producer andsend them off. rakesh? manoj.- yes. suresh has so many sons thatit is difficult to remember.. ..their names.

give them sweets.- what? - sweets! - okay. l too shall dance. - l practicedtoo. - chances l do, uncle? there won't be any shooting.- oh no! - oh yes! lt would have been enjoyableif it was there. - yes. sister-in-law, give me some sweets.- l shall get them just now. hi, this is ritu joshi! lt istime for me to say goodbye. listen to this song now. we shall meet again for the nextshow. see you! - see you! the desires of my heart werewashed away as tears..

they have left.- uncle, sweets. - they have left. they must be just outside.- go and give them the sweets. this is a marriage house.there must be sweets. there are many in thehouse to eat sweets. listen! listen! what did l do to you? l was just going to offeryou these sweets. how strange you people are! you first cheat andthen offer sweets.

you look lovely in these clothes. lf you take off your hand,l shall get up. oh sorry! get up..! - l know how to get up. l too know how make people get up. here.- l shall pick them up myself. my hands are not dirty.see this. see this. take this. why don't you coversome other marriage? this is not the marriage season.

you mean there is noother family in mumbai? there is, but we need a marriagein a joint family. and yours is the only home wheresuch a marriage is happening. what shall you do now? how doesit matter to you? - l just asked.. what can l do? thiswas my first chance. now they will dismiss me. l too shall quit everythingand get married. l think this industry in not for me.

had this been my marriage, l wouldhave given you my consent. whom should l marry? there isn't anyone. have these sweets. lt is notmy marriage but my niece's. thank you. bye! come pauji! make it fast. everyoneis clamoring for snacks. bring the orange one for me,please. hey brother-in-law! whoare you dreaming about?

nothing special, sister-in-law.just as usual. lt is not usual. you were smiling. l was just looking atthe women and smiling. oh god! who were you smilingat? let me see. ls it that woman inthe purple saree? that woman as a husband and twochildren. l shall murder you! ln that case you musttell it yourself. otherwise, we arenew to your city. . ..and shall fix your marriagewith some such woman.

sister-in-law, who wouldwant to marry me? l am good for nothingdid not complete college. . l'm going to have to live lifeas a bachelor. - why so? ask me and l shall bring three orfour matches for you right away. go sister-in-law! otherwise the snacks toowill become old like me. sister-in-law, l too like someonebut ... ...she is out of my reach. asmi ganatra, juhu scheme!

oh no! this sticker hascome here too! hi! why are you looking like this?- nothing. did they dismissyou from work? did you come this far justto ask this question? no, l ... ...came regarding somework that l have with you what is that work? should we just stand hereand talk about it? l stay alone in this house.

so, if any guess arrives, do yousend them off from outside itself? come in. oh! this fell down there.thanks! thanks! your house is.. - good. l knowit. thanks all the same. l was about to say somethingelse. your house is. . is a little small. what have you got to do with that?you shall get space to sit. yes, l can see that." " but if l sit,l become a little nervous.

but anyway, thanks all the same. why don't you go now? shallyou keep standing here? what l came for is.. l have an idea. do you get ideas too? l get only ideas. l get a lot ofideas but no one listens to me. lf you listen to me your workwill be done and.. may bemy work too may be done. l shall change my clothes and come.- no, even this way will do. what do you mean?

l mean why bother about clothes, l will tell you my idea as you are. stupid! we shall go to meet theproducer, outside. - okay. stupid! wah! very interesting idea!- yeah, very interesting! l knew that you wouldlike this idea. l was thinking since some time. . . . how to solve this problem. and then suddenly l got this idea.

who got this idea? for this you have to talkto someone in that house. l'm talking to you onlyafter doing that. this means that we have alreadytalked to someone in that.. about this. - yes ma'am. very smart!- thank you, ma'am. what happened to you?you were not like this. l was always like this. but l never got the opportunityto show you my talent.

okay, start working on this. but remember, this time thereshould be no problems. absolutely ma'am, they won'tbe any problem at all. all the best!- all the best! thank you ma'am! thank you ma'am! how can you do this? you took myidea but claimed to be yours. my idea! we need to do that sometimes,brother. one grows big only bystealing others' ideas.

and we shall compensateyou, my friend. ln return for your help. . ..we shall give you, how much..- fifty.. - fifty thousand. fifty? fifty? five lakhs.- five lakhs? don't say that my friend. fivelakhs! even the idea for sholay. ..would not have fetchedsuch a price. didn't you say to my brother thatyou would bear half the.. ..expenses for the marriage?

lf you have 3 lakhs, give methat and settle the issue. explain him this asmi. tell him. that offer was made fora public shooting. but your idea was to do it secretly. my idea? now has it become my idea? oh my god! - now is this my idea?has it become my idea now? come in.- so now it has become my idea. hi kavita!- oh, what happened? the channel liked our idea.- our idea?!

our idea? our idea!- no, it's your idea. so it is once again my idea. l'm kavita. l am the writerof this serial. writer?! what is theneed for a writer? what do l need to do now? nothing! you mustjust ensure that. . when our man comes tonight to fitthe cameras, they is no problem. what sort of problem? - our men willcome to your house with five cameras. they will put them in such secretplaces that no one shall..

..come to know of them. but let us assume that, god forbid,someone in your house.. ..comes to know of it. then it is your responsibilityto rein him in. - okay! okay. who shall operate these cameras? l mean,who will do the recording? asmi and kavita willdo the recording. then l have a condition too.- what is it? then l too shall do the recording.

why? just to see what allyou are recording. we are recording the marriage.what else? how can l know? how can l know?you may record just anything. what if you may record my brotherand sister-in-law in a.. ..romantic mood?- oh god! we are not making a blue film ofyour brother and sister-in-law. don't talk vulgar things aboutmy brother and sister-in-law. they are not people of that type.

suppose you make some such thingand sell it in the market. where shall l go and who shalll turn to? you only tell me. okay, l agree to your condition.- but.. asmi, just think that he isthe censor of our film. but.. - do you want to dothe recording or not? ln that case tell him to applyscent and sit next to me. lt is insulting to a flower toapply scent and sit next to it. and it is also an insult to oneselfto sit next to a fool.. you.

lt will be a very good combinationof this fool and that flower. fool and flower! oh god! the power supply is off! but there is power everywhere else. did you pay the electricitybill or not? oh yes, l am the son-in-law ofthe electricity department.. ..and get electricity for free. walk carefully! mynew teeth are there. l ask you why don't you keepyour teeth in your mouth?

what happened? be careful!light something! does a marriage houselook good when dark? how can l light anything?nothing can be seen. ls there anyone here? what will anyone say if they see us? how will they see us?there is no light here. come on. manoj! manoj! manoj! - be careful! - ohgod! my leg is broken! someone is incognito,someone is infamous

who knows who it is.. where is piya gone? sheis nowhere to be seen. she must be dreamingabout her groom. my boy rakesh, when will it come? my name is manoj, uncle! manoj! whatever.. when will yourelectrician come? get lost! then they have to behave like kids. someone is taking advantageof the darkness.

listen! even shalu is havingan affair! ls that true?- yes. how strange! there islight in every house. lt is only our house thatis completely dark. someone is coming? who is it? wait a minute! why were you so late? sir! we went round this area threefour times.. ..but couldn't find your house.

come on,replace the fuse quickly. everyone is sittingin the courtyard. lt is very suffocating in there. by the way why are you dressedlike fire fighters? they gave these costumes only, sir.- come on, move quickly. quick. lt is finished.- thank god! what has finished, rakesh?nothing has happened. my name is.. lt is manoj and not rakesh,uncle.

shut up. l too said that only. here we go. superb! wow! this is so amazing.fantastic! yes! yes! wow. keep your eyes open, sir. otherwise we might recordwrong things. l want you people thinkthis house as yours.

and my family as your family. this fellow is going to eatinto our brains sitting here. wow! that's very interesting. neeraj! zoom the camera on piya. camera number?- three. stop there! what's the idea? see this. a girl! a beautiful girl!

what might she be thinking. ..sitting in front of the mirror? what does she think?may be she is hungry. she wasn't given food till now. please! stop your flop jokes.we are working. what if we make a montageof this bride? sometimes sitting in front ofthe mirror, thinking something. sometimes looking out of window sometimes dreaming in the dark.

sometimes.. sometimes removing dandrufffrom her hair. sometimes blowing her nose. sometimes washing her hands aftercoming out of the toilet. this man is impossible. why? - you and your sick jokes. thank you, very much. the different formsof a beautiful bride. her dreams, her happiness. .

and we can play a songon this montage. why does my mind fly awaysomewhere frequently these days? why does it leave me and flyaway to someone else's home? this house and these surroundingsshall bid me goodbye they say that l shall belongto somewhere else why is then everyone so happy? can someone explain this to me? this heart of mine sees mypredicament but says nothing why did you go for shoppingwith my friend?

so what? one second. what is happening there?- you are impossible. you don'thave time for your wife. but do you have time toroam with girl friend? neeraj! lncrease the sound. aren't you ashamed to do all this.. front of your familymembers, rishabhh? so what? l say, so what. what do you mean by so what?

what is the need for you to goto shopping with my friend? okay, you wentto shopping with her. but what is the need for youto pay for her clothes? what is this? tell me. what did you buy for me onthe 13th of last month? a credit card statementdoes not lie, rishabh. she ran out of money. thatis why l paid the bill. she is wooing you and youare encouraging her? then go and deal with your friend.why are you eating my brain?

what is in her? what is in her thatyou became crazy about her? all men are alike. what do you think? do you think that l willlet you go so easily? l am not going to let you goso easily. do you understand? what will you do? what will you do? my god! she gave a resounding slap! so a complete family soapis going on in your home. extra marital affair!

ls that whyyou wanted to be the censor. all of us are naked in thepaths of life, madam. the only difference is that thewindows of my house are open.. ..and yours are not. the dialog is very good. still l have to learna lot from you. what is happening there? where?- look there. she is pauji, the maidservant of our house.

then why is doing breakdance behind that wall? break, dance. hey! look here. cool down! nothing will happen. seems that everyone's truenature will become public. the family is with you. who is he?- calmn down. he.. i said he with you.. my third brother. why is he crying? crying! he stays with his in-laws. he stays at his wife's house. when he is beaten there,he comes here and cries. when his wife beats him up,why does he still live there? because he gets beaten herealso. may be he likesto be beaten up by wife rather..

..thanby his brother and sister-in-law. he is like a football. he receivesthe kicks of both the teams. write it down, kavita.write it down. write down everything. youare not going to get.. ..the experience of sucha hit family soap again. hello! wow! great! this ideawas actually very good. did you get anything interesting? so interesting that all othertv serials shall appear..

..spice-less before this. really!- yes. - come on. congratulations, asmi! yourdream is going to come true. thank you.- congratulations. you too.- na! wow! this is nice. very nice!- no no, wait. did you see? l brokeit with one shot. sister-in-law! please come with me fora minute. - what happened?

what is thematter, brother-in-law? l want to tell you somethingabout brother. ls it about maid-servant's matter? do you know that? men's disloyalty cannotremain hidden from women. we get the smell of it soon enough. and this is not thefirst time either. at dehradun also many times. . lnitially l used to feel bad.

but now l am habituated to it. when he touches me in the night, lfeel like he loves someone else. what were you doingwith my brother? does he forcefully do itor did you seduce him? no, manoj sir! why would l.. he is the one who always woos me. listen! the next time he tries to dosomething, wherever it might be. . give him a big slap.

me? how can l do that? why are you scared whenl am telling you? hit him with such a force thateveryone should hear the sound. l shall take care of the rest. none of the family members got anydoubt about the secret cameras. but someone in the neighborhoodsaw our van and.. ..filed a report atthe police station. stop! stop! hey!

yes, sir! - l feelsomething is wrong here. nothing can be seen inside. sir! l think that this mightbe a terrorists' van. so what? - so what? - letus see. - let us see. you do one thing. makethem open the door. are you serious about it, sir? sir! l won't go there alone.what if they shoot me? am l going to stay quietif they start firing? l shall also shoot to cover you.

lf l depend on your cover,my back will be broken. lnspector mohit shinde!- yes, sir. government gives medals onlyafter death. - yes, sir. late mohit shinde, paramaveera chakra. so don't be afraid.- yes, sir. go and make them open the door.- yes, sir. but please try to it thatl don't get the medal, sir. l will try my level best. come on! come on!

one minute, sir. there is no door. everythingis sealed. let's go home. what are you saying?- nothing, sir! come on, let us go. you should have some common sense. that is the door. thisis a terrorist van. door is on the other side. go! yes, sir! yes, sir! yes, sir! hail hanuman! epitomeof knowledge! hail kapish! who lightensthe three worlds!

hail lord hanuman. open the door.- police! lmmediately call ourproducer. quick! sir! two policemen aremoving around the van. l hope you took the permissionfor shooting. didn't you? o my god! what will happen now? o my god! please save us.- open the door. "please help us.we are very sorry, god. "

"l don't want to go to jail." we are very sorry, god! pleasedon't send me to jail. please save me. please help us, god! please forgive me, god!"- don't scare. sorry, god.o my god! what is going to happen now? what happened?- l think l was shot, sir. what? - send my motherto take the medal, sir.

definitely! where were you shot? lt must be somewherehere only, sir. you were not shot. theshout came from inside. who shouted then? l think someoneinside was shot, sir. but who fired the bullet? the bullet you fired to coverme might have injured someone. but l didn't shoot. didn't you shoot? - no. didn'tyou really shoot? - no.

while l risked my life there,didn't you shoot at all? behave yourself.- why didn't you shoot? l would have died there,you know? do one thing. go and open the door. l am not a gate keeper togo and open it always. you go and do it if you have guts. don't talk about guts. you are a junior andbehave like a junior. l shall go now. cover me.

l shall cover you as you covered me. lnspector shinde! - yes, sir. that's an order. - yes, sir. hands up! what's happening? what's all this? yes, yes, we.. that, yes, yes... that... we are from the anti-corruptionbureau. anti-corruption bureau?!

yes, she is officer asmi! we are here to watch out forcorruption in this area. who indulges in corruption here?- people are there. you don't know.but we keep an eye on them. do you have any proof tosupport your statement? proof! officer asmi! pleaseshow him. you please wait. just show him. switch on the tv. show him.

did you see? we arewatching you also. lf you take any bribe, yourreport will be sent to your.. ..higher officials instantly. officers, relax. relax! these days the world is movingquite fast, lnspector. you are still using motorcyclesbut we are using technology. on the spot. okay! - put your hands down. l think you haveidentity cards.

officer asmi! please make acall to police commissioner. no, leave it. don't take it too far.- lt's alright. you make the call. what can he do? that is his duty. even the driving license willdo if not the identity card. you wait, sir. we will show youidentity cards in just a moment. sir! this is officermanoj speaking, sir. yes, sir. thank you, sir.yes, fine sir. there is an lnspector here.. what is your name?- what is there in the name?

sir! kande, sir. rohit kande. he is asking us for ouridentity cards, sir. l tried to convince him,sir. l tried a lot. but he is asking us to bringour ration cards. would you liketo talk to him, sir? he is shouting! come on, speak! switch it off. l understood.- don't you want to talk? sir! l understood that you arefrom corruption bureau.. ..the moment l saw your faces.

from the corrupt bureau.. fromthe anti-corruption bureau. why wouldn't l understandyour words, sir? first take the phone. sir! he is sayingthat he understood. yes, without you talking to himhe understood the matter. his name is kande, sir. rohit kande. okay, sir. sorry for the trouble,sir. thank you, sir.jai hind!

sir!- jai hind, sir! what is this, sir? l was bored standing alone here. by the way what are the demandsof those terrorists? they are not terrorists.they are nice people. they have a lot of respect for me.- okay. but don't take any bribestill this van is here. you only said that theyare nice people. our business will end ifwe behave like this, sir.

cameras are fixed. what did you say? - cameras! what?- cabaret. ls cabaret going on inside? cameras!- oh! cameras! sir! chicken! shall wehave chicken lollipops? cameras! why didn't you bring themilk to the terrace? how dare you slap my son?how dare you do that?

how dare she.wait, mother-in-law! please, wait! "stop it, mother-in-law!l shall handle this. she raises a pointing finger atme! what about her character? yes! yes! okay. lt's okay.- lt could have been better. we are working hard, madam. lt's so unfair! whatever we do,they are not happy about it? let us have our trp's. thenwe shall also show them. hi!- hi!

these people have only onecontrol. that is trp. how did you like it? - well done,asmi! really, well done. good morning, manoj uncle!- good morning, my child. you might not have sleptthroughout the night. finish the breakfast quickly. are you mad? why would we wakeupthroughout the night? we left everything recording .. ..and slept happilyswitching on the ac. why are you crying soearly in the morning?

your inspectors kande sentme sweets made of chilies. show me what is there in it? very good! you switchedon the ac and slept. but didn't you see whatwas recording in it? anyway you are here to sensor it. show him. let him see what happenedin his house last night. are we going to checkthe entire recording? show him in fast forward.finish it quickly. - oh! stop it!

he is the one who wasroaming around two nights ago.. listen! check the jewelryin your house. may be it was stolen last night. should l continue?- yes. hold on. l cannot seeanything in this. neeraj! make it bright.- yes, make it bright. neeraj! sound! rahul! you were so late. he is the same guy.

l am going to be caught one day. lf anyone sees me here, yourfamily members will kill me. rahul! please! lt is justa matter of one day. we would have eloped by tomorrow. you are saying as if we are elopingthe day after tomorrow.* last time we were almost caught.did anyone say anything? no. everyone was sitting outside. since the lights were gone. l bought the tickets.but what about money?

rahul! l have arranged forfifty thousand rupees. you don't worry.- great! lt would have been nice if wedon't need to elope like this. rahul! our family people arenot going to agree for our marriage. yes, since you arefrom a rich family. but l love you very much. l love you.- l love you too. you bastard! manoj! manoj! what happened to you?

nothing!- manoj! listen. manoj! what happened, uncle? "sit down! uncle, l love him so much. l cannot live without him. then why did you agreefor the marriage? when did l agree to it? all of you decided it for me. we all? did we forceyou? torture you?

l was not tortured. butl repeatedly said that. ..l did not want to goin for this marriage. l kept on saying it. you must say that you did not.. ..want to marry this boybut another one. how do we know about allthis by ourselves? l said this.- to whom? to mummy and papa.- what did you say? they told me that theycannot marry me off..

..where l shall never be happy. but what do they know, wheremy happiness lies. l don't know anything about this. no one tells you anything nowadays. ln any case, no one takes youseriously in this house. what does this mean? you wanted to elope, then whyall this marriage drama? don't you value yourfamily's prestige? just two days are leftfor the marriage.

nothing can be done now. had there been a week or so.. ..l could have spokento piya bhabhi. but now we cannot say noto the groom's family. people have traveled all theway everything is arranged. even the invitations have been sent. now what do we tell them? tell them to handoverthe invitation back.. ..because we want to changethe groom's name in it.

l can die, but cannot agreefor this marriage. dear.. what is all this so called love? look at everyone around. one year after marriage,and everything is over. everything becomes normal. look at your rishabh uncleand rekha aunty. she too had a love marriage. now they are thirsty foreach other's blood.

even if its not a love marriage,it all begins with love. then its all over. children,family, money matters and all. uncle, my love is not like that. ls your love an extraordinary one? all say this same thing. you will be very happy withthat boy. l have met him. you both make a wonderful pair. he looks like aamir khan. and you too look like aheroine along with him.

didn't you watch that movie,'qayamat se qayamat tak'. they were looking so you remember? uncle, they too had sacrificedthemselves for love. even their families did notagree to their marriage. you are just arguingfor the sake of it. okay, okay, its fine. let methink. l'll do something. but just cancel allyour plans to elope. what's his name? -rahul. rahul, huh!

everyone watches shahrukhkhan's movies.. ..then they have children andname them as in the movies. they just don't give athought to it that.. ..once they grow up, theywould even surpass romeo. uncle, he was born muchbefore shahrukh's film. you have this one very bad habit. you just argue for the sake of it. very dramatic. but it's of no use to us.

of no use at all. you mean, she has two daysleft for her marriage.. ..and is in love with someone else. no, it cannot happen. lt just cannot happen. but it is so. the audience will never accept it. first of all, its love. and then this girl..

..who is ready to elopewith her lover. no ways. the audience are goingto reject it outright. which means no trp's. and if no trp's, there's no show. but these kind of movieshave been a hit.. ..where the heroine is inlove with someone else.. ..and her family fix up hermarriage with someone else. and then, the hero andheroine both elope.

for your kind information.. ..its not some love story here. marriage is the theme here. lt's a family entertainmentshow, madam. you know, don 't givethem the wrong ideas. because they are gonnahate you and your show. but.. c'mon, let's assume that youwant to make a love story. do you have any scene,where the hero..

..meets the heroinefor the first time. do you have any scene, wherethe hero proposes? do you have such a scene, .. ..where the family turn'sout to be the villain. that's a different type of story. and that should've been, ifat all, done long back. this story is abouta marriage. right? and if there's no marriage,then no show. and that's final.

oh god! why are we such liars? why don't we showthat which is life? we show them that whichis just the opposite. there's no hunger, nopoverty in our world. you are thinking all this sittinghere in the luxurious ac car. just ask those who are rottingin that heat out there.. ..what they wish for. don't worry so much, asmi.

ultimately, we are allthe one and the same. eunuchs!- hmm! yes. we elect and bring such peopleto the parliament.. ..who care a damn for us. when the time comes to paythem the bribe money.. ..we create a ruckus out of it. but no thoughts whenaccepting bribe. till when will all this go on?

till this country goes on. we were like this,we are like this.. ..we shall always remain like this. what do we do of piya's love story? we will have to do whatthey want us to. you speak to manoj. manoj's niece has madehim agree to her point. now he says that, if he reallyloves piya, then even he.. then when will yourmagic work, asmi?

what? didn't you notice thathe has fallen for you? what are you saying? trap him, asmi. little more than his niece. lf his niece wins,then we are doomed. "till evening, trp..." "i will dance" no, not this.

show me something for the marriage. thank you very much. you, here in mumbai. lt's said that the world is round. though you try to escape,you are caught. where have you put up? at your grand daughter's,would be groom's place. l am his grandmother, suresh. finally l succeeded in buildinga relationship with you.

you are his grandmother.- yes. no one told me about it. what would you have done,had l informed you earlier? don't rub salt on my wound. ls the wound still there? even after 42 years? lt's fine that l met you. l was thinking of visitingyour place, this evening. now, l shall join you.

won't you take me home? l, now.. lf you don't wish, l won't come. l am now.. lf you want then l won't evencome on for the marriage. you are from the boy's side. how can l upset you? come.- come. hi manoj! how do you do?

hi manoj! how are you doing? welcome aboard. oh! may i? thank you.- welcome. two iris.- sure ma'am. lt's wonderful. work pressures don'tpermit me to go out and enjoy. you know what l mean.

be careful, boss. this girl is trying to trap you. yeah, l know.. l know. 'he dresses up just like a punk.' you look so handsome today.- do l? 'he can't carry asimple conversation, idiot.' 'this dimwit hasruined my whole evening.' lt's because l design them.

lt feels so great, really. yeah, feels so great. shall we sit?- what? - sit? - yes. here. okay. this is the table.- oh. shaking. actually. what will you do now?the wedding won't happen now.

the wedding has to happen. sir.- talk to piya once. oh!- uncouth moron. don't get nervous. this.. l will get you another drink, sir.- no. lt's ok. let's dance.- yes.., no, no!- come, let's dance. yeah, let's dance.- fine, you are like that.

he is jumping like a monkey. come, let's go back. well dance.- no, no, l am just warming up. come, let's go. it's shaking. she is trying to get closer. manoj, you will haveto do this for me. what?- you will have to convince piya. how can l do that?

she was so small, she used toplay in my lap wearing knickers. dimwit moron. that's why, manoj.that is precisely why. lf not you who will beconcerned about her happiness? - yes. well this love has no meaning. a couple of years intomarriage are enough for it to vanish. everything becomesthe same afterwards. be it a love marriage or otherwise,everyone starts with love. and then everything ends.

kids, household choresand the works, you know. l had said this.- that's what l am saying. you know how many times did lrewind and watched this scene? ten times. and now l happen to knowthis dialogue of yours by heart. lt brings tears to my eyes. one poor uncle is tryingto convince his niece. but she refuses to relent.she is very adamant. but the prestige of thefamily is at stake for the uncle.

what will people say?how will the world react? the niece ran away withanother boy before her wedding.. ..and that too onthe national network? and that too infront of 40 crore public? disgusting. how will your aged father feel? how will you godlike brother.. ..and your goddesslike sister-in-law feel? just think, manoj.

yeah, very right. no.. but rahul loves piya and.. ..perhaps you are right. l don't seem tounderstand what l should do. asmi..- yes. ..your zip is a bit loose. l .. i can't make piya unhappy. moron!

nonsense. a bill of 1300.. ..and to top it, my bestdress' zip also came loose. zip? what zip? what should we do now? seems my dream willremain mere dreams. think something,kavita. think something. what sort of a writer are you? l have an idea.- what? had the story been stuckwhere it is presently stuck..

..this would have beenmy next scene. the biggest bitch ofthe girl's colony.. mind it. - yes. ..comes to know ofher plans to elope. she would go and tell allthis to her family members. then? - then what? after that herfamily will directly deal with her. wow! wow! what an idea! you are too good. you are genius.

but which is such afemale in this colony? lt's so simple. when it comes to light up afire at someone else's house.. ..every woman of a colonyis the biggest of the bitch. very bad! what? how do you know that? don't bother about that,uncle. bother about piya. don't tell this to anyone else. what are you saying?lt's just like my house.

why would l go andtell this to anyone? come inside, piya.c'mon in for a minute. l will hit you so much thatyou will forget the name of love. right now only l know of it. your father will kill you,if he comes to know of it. a little libertyhas given you wings? l had warned you not to meet him.why did you no pay heed to it? your wedding is scheduled after twodays. you will bring disgrace to us. how did father come toknow of it?

did you tell him? - how can we? even our secret willcome out in the open. what's big deal in it? someone in the colonymust have got a whiff of it. father can you come upstairs for amoment? l need to talk to you. l will take your leave now. lfl stay back for one more day.. daughter will say l havetaken shelter at the girl's place. where is suresh?- he is upstairs. don't tell brother about piya.

how do you know? l know it from the beginning. oh! l was also thinking,what made piya dare to do that. lt was you who were encouraging her. you are such a hag .. betray your own brother? such a brother who feeds you,gives you shelter. you do no work. you no gooder.. good for nothing.

you enjoy on your brother'searnings and betray the same brother. hit him, oldster. bring thisbetrayer back to his senses. don't go, auntie. you should rather watch this drama. manoj! you are such a dual faced person.not l but you are betraying your own manoj!- l will come later. no, wait and see. see that person who hadditched you 40 years ago.

manoj! -don't shout. a scene will becreated in the whole house. do you still remember it? wehave just heart of your tales. you must have undergone that pain. both of you lovedeach other, didn't you? your families refused the wedding.. ..and both of you wantedto elope but didn't. why? because my fatherlacked the courage. after that he married my mother.

but he didn't havecourage to love her even. he kept running awayfrom her all his life. don't know whether his tearswere real or not when she died. and today, wants to repeatit by strangulating.. ..his grand daughter's happiness. today, when she wants to run awaywith her love, he wants to stop her. fine, father. l am a no-gooder. that l survive on others' bread.

but l am not a coward like you. l can't stop my crying, asmi. don't cry, kavita. don't. don't you feel likecrying after watching this? we are done with this show ifthis oldster changes his mind. and that is when l won'tbe able to stop my crying. we are so heartless, aren't we?- yes, kavita. we were, we are ... ...and we willcontinue to remain the same.

does piya love someone else? piya will be marriedonly to your grandson. just the way l wasmarried to someone else. and you weremarried to some one else. all these are old topics, rati. ln the same manner, even thiswill become an old topic. lsn't it? how can we break a weddingthat is scheduled for tomorrow? perhaps you are right.

do you know, suresh,what l wish for? l wish piya to run away. that will make me feelbeing absolved of my sins. the groom is my grandson butstill l wish piya to run away. she will not.- l know. l know, if people like you and medecide, no piya can ever run away. but still ... ...what's the harmin seeing a dream today.. ..which couldn't be turnedto reality 42 years back?

yeah, l will do that. l will do that. l will call. asmi.- yes? thinking something?- no.. no. 'not thinking, stupid. l am dreaming. l havebeen called by yash chopra.' 'asmi, we had seen yourtv show. lt is wonderful.' 'how about doing a movie with us?- thank you, sir.' 'l have a script..'

'..but it suits only shahrukh khan.' 'ok, no problem. anyone else?' 'well,how about amitabh bachchan..' ' another important role?- no problem. done.' 'and heroine?' 'heroine.. well..' you?- can i come? 'lf you ask me standing at my door,l am not going to shoo him off.' l am here to breakmy contract with you.

here, take this moneyback and tear the contract. but everything isgoing according to plan. yes, for you all. not for me. don't be crazy. fivelakhs is too big an amount. l know, but my pockets are torn.where will l keep them? what will l too if my heart alsotears apart handling that money? this isn't some film where youcan speak such cheap dialogues. l say even cheaperdialogues in my real life. but that's all. l say cheapdialogues but l don't do cheap deeds.

you mustn't be havingthe contract here, right? give this to your, keep this. tear it. and don't worry. l am notgoing to interfere in your work. go ahead with thetelecast of your show. because the end of theshow will be different now. means?- means piya will run away now.. ..and l am going to help her do that. and your family peoplewill keep watching it, right? they will watch it.. will also watch it andthe whole world will watch it on tv. lt you want, let have a bet. piyawill not go in for this marriage. he is a crackpot of a man. 'my first film will be a hit.super duper hit.' 'then three of my films willbe hits one after the other.' 'and then l will make a film..' '..on a real story. a filmbased on real life people.' 'l have to win award too,am l not?'

'and this year the oscargoes to asmi ganatra.' l've got it. l have got the idea!our stunt master! cut it. pan to the left. why did you bringthe clap in between? fix it. we haven't got the clothes yet. and they callthemselves to be the producers. tappu bhai.- oh, producer!

you seemed to haveremembered me after a long time. give me your hand. get up. what's this, man? and you.. yougo and get the shot ready. - yes. what's the matter?things not happening? you were flat in just one hand? that's why l am here.- great! bless you! no problems! tell me the date.. ..and the scene and l will be there. the date is tomorrowand there is no scene.

look, l have stopped towork without a bound script. this isn't that type of shooting? then what type of shooting is it? lt will involve a fightfirst and shooting later. this poor guy isunnecessarily getting hassled. he is totally unaware of our plans. whatever it is,this guy has courage. give way! move aside!

move aside, let me also see. l used to watch in the movies andwonder from where this sound comes. today l have come to know thatthis is the mumbai style of bashing. take care. carefully. what's matter?- he is upstair, okay. where are you going?- lt is important. but stop.. how can you go inside?- just a minute. what does that mean? stop. who bashed you up?- four goons.

they bashed him badly withwarnings that if he dares.. ..look towards piya again,they will kill him. but my family memberswill never do such a thing. l see.. this producer..- producer? listen, l had come totell that piya will.. you at uncle'skitchen in malad at 8:00 pm. be it uncle's kitchen or aunty's,he is not going anywhere. rahul, tell him that youdon't want their piya. she loves you, man.

8:00 pm sharp. okay? so you are trying torule piya's life now? you are getting herboyfriend bashed up? a conspiracy in our colony? we didn't do anything like that. so you have started to speak lies aswell. great progress in three days. what will happen if this show is notaired on tv? a little more struggle? possible you cannever become a director. but you want to achieve allthat by ruining a girl's life?

just shut up and get out. ok. sorry.. l am sorry. asmi, l am sorry. lshouldn't have shouted at you. l was just wonderingif l was mistaken. then l realized you are right. brother, father, sister-in-law,all of you are right. traditions alsohave their importance. do you remember amitabhbachhan's dialogue in..

..'kabhie khushi kabhie gam'? we can break everythingbut not the traditions. have you returned the money? you will get the money. don't worry. l thought l have lost it. l want thatmoney. five lakhs is a big amount. will you have tea? get some tea, kavita.- not here. don't you get bored in this tinbox?let's go out somewhere. c'mon.- ok.

l will be back in some time.- ok. come on!- not this way. there. see that hen there. oh, you have fallen. these cows.. ..they just relievethemselves everywhere. what will you do now? youwill have to take bath now. how will you gohome in these clothes? my house is nearby. comethere and have a bath. what about the clothes?what will you wear?

anyway, wear neela bhabhi'sclothes. l will explain it to her. come. don't keep standing. thewhole of colony will stink. - ok. don't touch me.maintain distance. come. the sari is good but..- oh, the oldster. he is a dangerous guy. turnyourself into a grand old woman. what?- killing with eyes. who?- cover your face. come. but why? - careful. don't tryto run. - l can't see anything. you will break your leg.

cover your face. let's escape. rakesh, who is she?- yes. who?- she. oh, she is our distant grandma. hide face. - grandma?- greetings! but she doesn't look so old.- from outside. lf you watch herfrom inside, she is 95. she slaps me out of love.she loves me a lot, my grandma! gone mad.- what rubbish are you talking?

she is saying, there is nothingleft to see, outside the veil. may god call herback in her veil itself. good thinking. what's your name?- rakesh. she will go to heaven, directly. by the way, l want to passon a secret to you today. l am thinking of changingmy name. rakesh doesn't suit me. have you taken the priest's advice? yeah. he asked me tochange it to manoj.

this name is also good.- not only good but very good. so from today, my name is?- manoj. shall l take your leave? l haveto take her to the bathing ghat. come. bathing ghat? hey, did you go to drinktea or shopping. l fell on a cow-dung.- cow dung? yuck. thank god,l'd gone along with her.

had you been there, youwould have fainted. but that smell was so horrible, l have never smelt it before. by the way isn't asmi-ji lookinggood in this attire? yeah, that's true.. exactly like juhi chawla from'qyamat se qyamat tak'. what are you saying? juhi chawlais nothing before her. okay, l'll show youa very nice film now. a film?- yes, l shot it just minutes ago.

lt's a very nice scene. please play it for us. l got that scene too. how dare you?- hey.. how dare you? l'll kill you. hey that's enough.- l'll kill you. give me the tape. l'll kill you.. you'll kill me.. you really don'tknow how to say a dialogue.

you stupid, fool, l'll kill you. l'll bury your heartin the cow dung. give it to me, give me that tape.- enough.. leave me. how does is feel asmi-ji, when yourown medicine is used on you. and when l'll give thistape to my cable-guy.. what?-l won't make a deal with him. what will l do with so much money? after all you are givingme five lakhs.

l'll file a complaint against you. should l call, inspector kande? why did you get thatpoor rathi beaten up? l did not. - but you didn't evenstop, you didn't object to it. but.. what could l do? l'm sorry; l had to do all this. but l'd like to tell you something, we all vulnerable.. you, me and everyone.

herekeep this with you. some people have the habit of beingright, just as this idiot is. the wedding processionis at the door steps.. ..and he wants to takeoff with the bride. because she loves some one else. think about it. think about thefamily. to hell with your family. think about our multi-millionbudgeted serial. what about me? there are times in your life where... can't simply sit quiet. you have to do have to take decisions. what does this idiot think, thathe'll take off with the bride.. ..and l'll just keep watching? piya! sister-in-law, l'mtaking piya along with me. where?- where she should be. where should she be? we don't have much time.

l'm taking her to thatperson with whom she.. ..should be in this bridal dress. come on piya! let's go kitty. piya, manoj! what are you doing? what we all should do,sister-in-law. manoj,.. are doing the right thing.

run away as far as you can,l won't tell any one. now go.. uncle.. we are going, stop us if you can. l'm with you. come and sit.. thanks. you look beautiful insister-in-law's saree. l wish l had someone withwhom l could run away.

uncle, l'll search one for you. what will you search for me? will a girl like her do? wow, do you like her?- yes, very much. should l speak to her about it?- yes. no. she'll bite your head off. sister-in-law, piyais not in her room. she's not in her room.- what? piya has absconded,.. what will we do? what will we tell thegroom's parents? lt's already eight thirty,why hasn't he come yet? do you know his number?- yes. dial me the number then. hello, who's speaking? rahul,it's me manoj. where are you? you are still there, we havereached here already. yes, where wehad decided to meet.

hello? what.. what are you saying? l should ask her to get married? have you lost your mind? hello..listen, don't you love her? hello.. hello.. he won't come. come sit,.. ..we'll go home.. come sit..

piya,.. ..piya stop! ..piya.. ..piya.. piya has returned home..she has come back. she has come back. hey, listen shekhar.. hey wait.. why does he keep fallingall the time? what has happened to you?youcan question her later..

the groom's procession is alreadyhere, get her ready. sister, l think sister-in-lawis illiterate.. ..she has pulled her veil so low. then why don't you liftit away after all.. ..she's you sister-in-law, poonam!- should l take it off? okay then.. hey not so soon.. ..first let them finish their'saat phere'(seven rounds) not here there.. oh sorry.. sorry..- not again.

these are not sandalwood sticks..- everyone is in a hurry. lt's pure sandalwood pandit-ji! no it's not; it's emittingtoo much smoke. otherwise this ghee isnot of good quality. pandit-ji, we'll contributefor your fees too. please don't side theonly the groom's party. "chants" why don't you see the girls face? ls there any problem?

what has happened to your face? did somebody hit you? piya, piya.. pandit-ji, one minute.. son, the auspiciousmoment is passing by. so let it go. get up.. l wish totalk to piya alone.. piya, come. hey where are you taking her?

now what does he want to talk about? now tell me, what hadhappened to you face? listen, if something has happened,then l want to know. l want to know becausel'm marrying you. and l will be spending therest of my life with you. are you.. are you a cranky girl? then what, from the moment you'vemet me, you've been crying. l'd met with an accident. accident? where?

piya, say anything but the truth. no kavita, let the truthcome out in today.. lt does matter whathappens after that. piya, please don't lie to me. listen l don't want begina relation with a lie. l had ran away from home.. hey you eat chocolates?l used to eat it earlier. even but let me tell you one thing..

..they really take a heavytoll on your teeth. l paid twenty thousandrupees to the dentist.. make them lookgood for the wedding. dentists are robbers,l tell you, really. l have never eaten chocolatesworth twenty thousand. nice. so what about our wedding? you love someone else butyou want to marry me? l was against this marriage.

okay, alright.. relax.. we won't get married,.. ..if you want you cancall the person you love.. l don't want to get married tohim too, l hate him.. ..he has deceived me. piya, l don't love you,.. ..not until now. we don't know each other very much.

but believe me; l'd thought that... ...we've been already married. and the household that l had dreamtabout, you were there with me. when l saw your photo sent formy alliance, l got it scanned.. ..and had it enlargedon my computer. and do you know what l used todo every night before sleeping. before sleeping l used tokiss you on that computer. and if l wish to kiss you now..

you know piya; you aresuch a beautiful girl. and that's a cat,.. know, l hate catsbut what the heck.. that's so nice,.. ..nice.. ..nice cat.. piya, you look good whenyou laugh. don't cry. okay. you see l cannot take acrying bride to my house. because l don't want you to crywhen you are dropping rice..

.. content vessel, it doesn'tlook nice,.. ..please answer me. what we wanted,we got everything. bride, bridegroom, rituals,customs fun, music, songs.. but along with that we gotsomething else too.. one uncle having an affairwith a servant. a grandfather, trying out new waysof kamasutra at the age of 67.. a bride running awayfor her beloved. but finally marries the guy withwhom it had been arranged.

so many things happenedin this wedding. we wanted to cover only thewedding but got much more. we wanted 'saat phere' insteadwe got '7 1/2 phere'. now this is what l call brilliant. wonderful, marvelous. thank you, ma'am! thank you. you, you've done it.congratulations! ln the market of entertainment,wedding takes the top slot. every marriage ritualis sold in millions.

a seller knows that he's sellingmuch more than a wedding. '7 1/2 phere' sell morethan 'saat phere.' seller sells only those thingsthat are bought by people. whether it is a fresh news ordirty dancing of a music video. whether it is a page 3 partiesor suicide attempting farmers. we sell what the buyers buy. then it doesn't matter whetherit is more or less. she worked very hard. asmi, what are you doing?

what are you doing? -l don't believe this. somebody stop her.. you wanted a wedding, you got it. then why do you want things thathappened beyond the wedding? lt will be fun, the audiencewill like it. what about the girl's father,who will be heart broken? what about the humiliation herfamily will have to bear? and what about the girl, who hasjust settled in her new life? who cares?- yeah why should we care?

you may not care but l care. what are you doing,have you gone crazy? we all are not eunuchs, and if were... ...and we are thensome has to change. she's lost it, she's lost it. she's gone mad. l used to be mad but l'm sane now. asmi.. oh my god!

we all get a chance to bea hero once in a while. and it feels good to bea hero too. but later.. l was fired. what was the needfor me to act like a hero? okay kavita,.. that's it. the show was prepared very nicely,asmi and the credit goes to you. are you joining somewhere else? who will take me? the news musthave spread like fire.. beware of that director, shesnips off her own creation.

lt's all because of that idiot manoj,l wish l hadn't met him at all. what have l done to you? there's nothing leftto be done, now. you keep bumping in to me purposely. seeing you, l lose my sanity. my legs slip off their own accord. should l ask her?- get aside. what if she hits me? what are you doing tonight lmean in the evening? - why?

we'll go out somewhere,have dinner. are you flirting with me? no, no.. you know l'm married,l'm a married woman. you were teasing me, weren't you? she makes me laugh too much.. l don't know why l suddenly feltthat l liked meeting manoj. of course, l'd liketo make movies too. and l might make movies which have...

...stars shining brighter in the sky. and the moon hidingbehind the clouds. what the heck, youwant entertainment? so be it.. entertainment..

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will smith wedding ring

will smith wedding ring

[music playing] -10 years ago, shaun smith wasfighting a war against a rival drug gang. to win, he introduced urbanterrorism to the british underworld. victims were firebombed withhomemade napalm, attacked with grenades, and sprayed upwith machine guns. in retaliation, his enemiestried to blow shaun up with a car bomb, the biggest explosionon mainland britain

between the fall ofthe ira in '77. shaun smith was knownas an enforcer. today, after five years inprison, he is trying to modify those skills by working as adebt collector in the straight [inaudible] economy. -i only do it witha fucking smile. -often shaun's debts fall intothe gray area between the legitimate economy and theunderworld, a lucrative market potentially worth 150billion in britian.

this is a typical debt forshaun, a dispute between a businessman and a gangsterover 300,000 pounds. to recover the debt, shaun hasbrought backup and a dog unit. but just in case things getsout of control, off camera there is a notorious gangsterwith a history of firearms and extreme violence. -sexual abuse is an unspeakabletaboo in the however, male rape is commonlyused as a weapon by gangsters to enforce a debt.

this is a less well known formof underworld violence, which acts as a powerful propagandatool, over and above the physical and mental sufferingit causes. -the lads know they've got offlightly with a telling off, because a slap is nothingcompared to the extremist tendencies shaun was capableof in the past. -shaun smith was an extremistwho specialized in spreading terror for no rational gain. but the hidden costs ofthis guerrilla war

haunts him to this day. -since filming this, shaun hitthe jackpot, landing the biggest deal of his career,a one million pound debt in portugal. payoff was a much neededall-expenses holiday in the sun. after all, going straight hadn'tturned out to be the quiet life he'd oncedreamt of. nat is still workingwith his brother.

he's clean, and no longerself-harming. he's also busy training for hispro boxing comeback, his last shot at the title. tony is still on the run. his family fears if he comesback, he may go on the missing list forever.

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Monday, March 27, 2017

will packer wedding ringer

will packer wedding ringer

>>call: good afternoon. i am steve call. iam the president of the new america foundation. it is my pleasure to welcome you to this presentationby eric schmidt the chairman and ceo of google. the new america foundation is a 10-year-oldnonprofit, nonpartisan, public policy institute that invests in new thinkers, writers, researchers,and scholars whose work promises to bring forward new ideasand analysis to address the next generation of policy challenges facing the united states.we have about 100 people working with us in washington and california.when i joined new america as its second president about a year ago, i was attracted by the exceptionalquality of our board of directors. it includes writers like fareed zakaria, jimfallows, dan yergin, and anne-marie slaughter;

economic leaders such as roger ferguson, bernardschwartz, and laura tyson. another measure of our good fortune is thateric schmidt has been an active member of new america's board of directors since ourthink tank's founding 10 years ago. at that time eric had not yet joined google,but was leading novell. what animated him then--and i think what youwill hear animates him now--was an interest in forward-looking and non-ideological thinkingabout public life and public policy. particularly, about those persistent challengeswhich have so often proved impervious to conventional party politics.such as the challenges facing our healthcare and education systems, the challenges of climatechange, energy policy, and foreign policy.

the need for an investment led approach toeconomic growth, and of course the changing role of technology in public, of course, we encounter eric as the chairman and chief executive of one of theworld's most innovative and influential technology companies, his role at new america, however, our conversation has not changed since the time that he wasinvolved with our founding. we are still animated by the same values.we are still recruiting new thinkers and new writers who can reshape public understandingof the most important issues in national life. i consider eric to be one of new america'simportant thinkers, with the added bonus--from my point of view--that he no longer requiresa stipend.

[all laugh] a year ago at my request eric agreed to becomechairman of new america, on whose board he had so long that role i found him to be an outstanding partner, engaged but never intrusive, dedicatedto transparency, a defender of intellectual independence and academic freedom at our institute.above all, he is one of the sharpest analysts of complex patterns that i have ever had thepleasure to listen to. i think you will discover that about him today.there is a certain rigor, frankness, and architecture of thought that the very best scientists bringto discussions of public policy matters. eric's thinking, in my experience, very muchreflects those qualities.

what you may not know about him is that heis also a local guy. he is a product of a local public high school.i believe his mother is here today. i don't want to embarrass her, but i hope you willall be suitably respectful when we turn to questions. he graduated from yorktown high school inarlington. he then studied electrical engineering atprinceton. after that, he earned a doctorate in computerscience at berkeley. these days, in addition to his day job atgoogle, he is a member of president elect obama's economic advisory transition team.i want to emphasize that he is not speaking

today in any reference to that role, but ratheras a chairman of new american and as, of course, the ceo of google.our program today has a very simple format. eric is going to talk for about half an hour,and then take questions for a similar amount of time.there are microphones on the side. please remember as you address your questions tokeep them short. avoid speeches, and also you are on the recordthroughout today. keep that in mind if you do ask a question.with that, please join me now in welcoming eric schmidt to the microphone. [applause]

>>schmidt: thank you. thank you steve verymuch. i think you see with steve's introductionwhy he has been such an effective and dynamic president of the new america is an organization that i think is one of the great things about america. a placewhere people gather, they have new ideas, and i disagree with a whole bunch of me that is the real test. are they challenging? are they provocative? are they really makinga big difference? let me thank steve for not just this event,but of course his tremendous leadership in the last year.of course rachel, and the other folks who put this together, and the whole new americastaff.

what i want to do is actually talk about therelationship of technology and policy, economic growth, and restoring trust in seems to me that we are at one of those enormously important is a clichãƒâ© to say that this is sort of one of the great crisis that we face, butthis may be the toughest economic time that most of us will face in our lifetimes.everybody here is familiar with the statistics. people are unable to pay their mortgages.mortgages are below water. you have the credit crisis, and the fact thatthere is a liquidity issue--which is still not completely have issues of significant potential of large bankruptcies coming have this bazaar period of a transition

where we have a president and then we havea next president. as senator obama says, we only have 1 presidentat a time in our country. from our perspective, we have got to makeprogress in the short term, and we have got to make progress in the long term.we have to address at some point, the healthcare issues and the schools issues.these are issues, by the way, that new america has some very interesting and innovative ideasabout. we have to do them in the context now.we have been delaying these things. we have had all of these problems.people locked in various partisan battles. it is time to sort of get forward on that.let me point out that our dependence on imported

oil is just this huge many wars has oil created? how much of our cost, how much of our infrastructure hasthis been driving? it is time to address these issues.i am an optimist. it is important to say that right upfront because america is in a remarkableplace. unlike many other countries, we have the foundation,the intellectual foundation, the leadership--literally the people in theroom--not just to solve these problems but to build an even better a result we have these interesting capabilities. let's go through this. a hundred years agonobody had information. now, all of you are significant users of the fact, in our lifetimes all people--it is

reasonable to say almost all people--willhave access to almost all the world's information. that is a remarkable achievement. just thinkabout it. this is on par with 7:10 [??good verbible??] and all of that kind of stuff.i am not just talking about us, because you already have that information.i am talking about the billion people who will start getting electronic accessed informationin the next 3 to 4 years using their mobile phones.think about what the arrival of accurate information will do to their lives, to their culture,to their opportunity, to their rhetoric, and i hope to their standard of living.another thing that is going on is that essentially every american now can create and publishtheir ideas.

some of them are absolutely wacko.with that as our given, 2% are wacko and 98% are good.the fact of the matter is that the power of communication in everyone's underlying thesis: people do not understand how powerful this is.i don't think our government understands it. i do think they are getting it.i don't think we understand it. i don't think we fully understand how liberatingthat is in terms of information, in terms of transparency, in terms of building newsystems, in terms of making things happen. if you think about it, the barish innovations,small business and so fourth, the cost of starting a new company and so fourth is somuch lower.

you have science and technological advancesthat are unheard of. i will talk a little bit in a bit about theenergy crisis and the amount of money being poured into university research programs.the best and brightest are now going--20-year-olds are going--into these fields,because they believe that they can change the world, make their professional mark,and be hugely successful in something that is critically relevant to our nation's is a huge cause for optimism. we have an opportunity, for example, to becomethe most energy efficient economy in the world, with all sorts of really good a result of the innovation, the structure, the investment; and literally, the drive ofamerican will.

it is interesting that technology makes adifference. technology always follows these curves whereeverybody says: "oh my god." the first sentence, the first telegraph messagewas "what hath god wrought," year 1844. [pause] this is not a new phenomenon. we are all ignorantof history, but these waves come over and over again.when electricity happened, it is the same thing."oh my god," think about what we can now do. we have that in us, we have that opportunity.we have this balance now that we have to construct. i think we have had sort of the most extremeversion of the free market rules approach,

and we have seen some of its consequences.we have to balance, from a regulatory perspective, the enormous creativity of the free marketwith some of its unfettered excesses. what we have been doing here in washingtonis having these debates. as the symbol caricatures of free merchants--anythinggoes, versus socialists who promote 5 year plans.the right answer is the balance between these different groups. a balance that causes theoutcomes that i am talking about. that balance is achievable by people withjudgment, as long as they understand the objective. the objective is to win. i don't mean personally,i mean as a country; with the objectives that we set out and things that we want to talkabout.

what has happened, now, is that we are findingthis balance point. we are finding it again, as we study what has happened in the lastfew years. fundamentally we have to agree with the freemarket, which is fundamental to the innovation, the capital formation, and so fourth.what is the proper role of government? i want to talk a little bit about that some is really important that the outcome here is that small start-ups with funny names--thenext generation of googles--get founded, get funded, and become successful in this newregime. that is where the wealth will be created.that is where those 20-year-olds will go. that is where the new set of innovation willbe created.

it is always true, and it will always be true.the internet, of course, itself is an example of this.everybody here knows, funded through darpa. i was one of the recipients of some of theearly grants, and it made a huge difference. the fact of the matter is that it was a networkthat was designed through protocols and standards without constraints on its ends. it is calledthe end to end principal. what happens is basically as long as you arereasonably well behaved you can connect to anything that you want.look at all the things that people have connected; some successful, some not, some hugely is that openness, the ability that anyone can play, which is a characteristic of dynamic,scalable markets and networks which really

drive the modern economy.when these things grow, they grow very quickly. they become these phenomena that no one reallyunderstood the impact on. we were optimistic. we understood that innovationwould flourish in it. why don't we do the same thing with the energygrid? isn't it obvious? you have a command and control structure designedin the 1960s. why don't you open it up, allow the innovation--things like distributed cogeneration, those sorts of things, and all these interestingnotions of smart grids-- a classic example being the ability to usethe battery that is in your car to provide peak power.literally, they pay you to provide peak power

because it is cheaper to get the power fromyour battery, than it is to build a coal fire fuel plantwhich is a disaster anyway for peak power in the middle of the can charge the battery at night when energy is seems obvious if you think about it. why can't we do it? it is just a design problem.every aspect that i have just described has been shown in labs, it is part of a technologymission, people are excited about it, and it is easily is just a matter of will. that is really what i want to focus on today.if you are going to spur economic growth--literally make it happen--you have to focus on infrastructure,research and development, and energy.

when we talk about twenty-first-century infrastructure--infrastructureslike this is exciting or what? it is really exciting to me, i'm sorry.let's be very clear, you may like other things but infrastructure is important.infrastructure is the foundation upon which wealth is created. i mean societal capital.if you don't fundamentally build that infrastructure, you are not going to get the scale effectsthat i am talking about. i am not just talking about roads and bridges,which are absolutely important and so fourth. i am talking about new networks that can puttools of communication information in the hands of millions.take a look at broadband. here we are. we invented this stuff and we are now fifteenthin the world.

only 55% of americans have high speed internetconnection at their home. in the rural areas it is one in three.all of us do, but there are a whole bunch of americans who don' is a big problem. we have almost no competition in many of these markets, most people--95%--only have one or two suppliers. there should be 4 or 5. competition reallydoes a great job of setting market prices. we have to move from a regulatory framework.president roosevelt took on the business of rural the 1950s president eisenhower talked about the interstate highway system, and built aneconomic framework; one which will drive the development of this broadband infrastructure.we have to find this right balance of incentives.

if you look, the current federal communicationscommission has done tremendously good work on this.against tremendous political and business pressure, they decided to open up the spectrumand increase consumer choices. why did they do that: because they read theircharter. they said this is our mission. our mission is to make this infrastructurehappen. it is an act of remarkable courage from thestandpoint of the fcc, and one which we applaud. the decision to open up the white spaces;these spaces exist between television channels provides a whole new unregulated spectrum which people can play with to develop newgoods and services.

it is an enormous increase in bandwidth whichis available that you didn't even know you all of a sudden, by virtue of good regulation, good judgment, and good insight they can pullthat off. of course, we can do even more; even moreeffective use of underutilized spectrum. spectrum is everything in what we do becausewe are mobile. that spectrum is all around we look here in the hall, it is all around us. most of it is not being used at all, forvarious reasons. let's open it up.then, a universal broadband strategy that gets people more choices, more vendors, moreplatforms, and so fourth.

literally, build the market by making surethat people really can make this thing happen. my point is these are not a panacea. theyreally do enable a whole new category of platforms. open systems--meaning my ability to interconnect,my ability to run an application of any kind on any device--is at the cornerstone of this, because we don't know where the innovation is going tocome from, but we are pretty sure it is not will be over there where we don't expect never know where your innovation comes an innovative model, you welcome it, you expect it, you build a platform that can accommodateit, and then the rest happens.

these open platforms really drive many ways--if we go back to the wisdom of crowds arguments--an open system meansmore voices. more voices mean more discussion. more choicesmean better outcomes. a community makes a better decision than anindividual. the sum of all of those is one spectrum ofideas. the alternative is the case of ma bell. youcould have any telephone you wanted as long as it is big, heavy, and black.sorry that is not quite fair, big, heavy, and expensive.the opening up, which as you know was fought for 20 years, enabled this tremendous reductionis prices; lots and lots of choices.

this finally unleashed this enormous opportunityaround information, which google and all of us are very much beneficiaries systems have this sort of very clear promise of constant innovation and even greaterchoice. now we are about to go through another one,which i am not going to spend too much time on.this is a shift to cloud computing. for those of you who have not heard the term, cloudcomputing is essentially where the ã¢â‚¬ëœcloud,'--which is the term that we use for the network--iswhere all the computation is done and where all the information is.from your perspective what happens is: here you are; you are here in the take out your computer or your mobile

device, everything that you care about isalready on the network, and brought to you in a safe and secure is just a better model. every corporation, even the people who built the last model,is moving as quickly as they can to cloud computing.why? because the regulatory, the business decisions that were made in the last 10 to20 years have enabled us to build that infrastructure and to get that information to you quicklyover typically wireless communications and open seems to me that this massive shift to cloud computing has a number of other implications.for example, if you are a small business you can now compete fairly against the big businesses.the old saying on the internet is that no

one knows you are a dog. then there is a cartoonof the dog typing. i remember that from way back.the important point here is that, on the internet, you really can compete a cloud computing model, it doesn't matter how big you are; it really matters the servicethat you offer. this is another example of this innovativeopen model that i am talking about. when you combine that, you also have to focuson r&d. the situation in r&d in the last few yearshas not been good. it seems obvious, but let me state it: whydo we fund r&d: because no one else does. it is actually pretty simple.businesses, by law, have to serve their shareholders.

they are not going to fundamentally investat the level of pure research. it makes no sense for them. even enlightenedbusinesses ultimately are judged by their shareholders, by their rate of return, andby their capital requirements. it takes government policy to take advantageof it. when i was in graduate school, i was on afellowship from the government. it made a difference.much of the work that i participated in, in the 1970s, came out of some of the darpa andnsf works. i know how real and fundamental this is.if you take a look at most of the interesting innovations, they have occurred not in largecorporate labs--as much as i would like to

claim to you otherwise--but typically in universities where the funding has come from the nih, the nsf, and othergroups. that model works. it is a core aspect of america'scompetitiveness. i would argue it is the core aspect of america's fact, in looking at it the budget for basic scientific research went down last year, asif we don't care. do you think all interesting science problemshave been solved? i can make a long list of those which haven' are we doing against our target of solving cancer, atomic issues, mysteries of the universe,transportation issues, energy efficiency, and so fourth?have they all been solved: of course not.

furthermore, you have an even greater opportunitybefore you. thank goodness president elect obama announced,as part of his platform, his proposal to double the basic funding. it is long overdue.what would you do with this money? why don't we invest in science and math? whydon't we focus on it in an education context as well?we are also falling behind, as you know, against some other countries--in particular asiancountries--in this regard. do you think that this matters? do you thinkthat it matters that eventually not only will the asian economies have lots of smart people,more cash than we do because of the way they run their industries, but also a whole bunchmore technical people?

do you think ultimately you will be dealingwith innovations that they come up with, that drive their economies, where you will simplybe the captive consumer? i hope that is not the only outcome of theirglobal competitiveness. i welcome what they are doing, but it seemsto me we should get our act together right is another example, just use incentives; math and science undergraduates to pursuegraduate studies. i will come back to the fact that we thenkick them out of the country if they don't have the right visa, which is another disaster.the federal tax r&d credit has been extended 11 times since 1981. we just extended it fora few more years.

just make it permanent, guys. what do we haveto do here? here is another example, we train these people.we bring them to the country. we have the best university system in the world, bar none.then we won't give them the visa to work here where they would then pay lots of me with this reasoning. i just don't understand.i have yet to find anyone who can explain to me, in a rational way, why we would notwant the best and brightest to come to america to create industries,invent new things, solve the various technical and operational problems we have, cure cancer,and you name it. wouldn't you rather have them here?it is bazaar. it is disgusting. sorry, i have

a strong opinion, so i'm not done.then of course we have patent reform, which has got to be on the agenda.again, innovation is part of this. what is happening are that there have beena series of very good patent reform bills, which have not made it.the system is dysfunctional. it makes no sense. why is every case filed in the east districtof texas? you can't come up with a legitimate answer for that either. it is just bad publicpolicy. i will let you check out that one if you havean opinion. from my perspective, patent reform litigationand international property laws which allow internet users to access things and get theappropriate compensation are fundamental to, we are doing what we can here. we believe ourselves to be one of the great innovatorsin this space. we care a lot about it. we focus on innovationall the time. let me give you some examples. flu trends: we think we can sense outbreaksearlier than anyone else by looking at what people are doing in an anonymous way--this is very important, in an anonymized and aggregated way--let people many lives will that save? is it worth doing: if it is one life, absolutely.if it is a next pandemic and it is a million people, you bet.we are pretty excited about that. we will see if that technology proceeds and how farwe can take that.

i will give you another example: universallanguage translation. we have invented technology which uses a statisticalconcept which actually can translate from language to language without a is bazaar. i cannot explain to you technically how it works--although people have tried--butit works. it works enough that you can figure out roughlywhat they are saying. it is not as good as human translation.why is this important: because language causes war.people don't understand, they don't try to mediate, they get themselves into their hyperbolicstates, and bad things happen. don't you think we would be better off ifall of those books in the library of alexandria

had been translated into english?don't you think that we would be better off if all of the enormously interesting workswritten in english had been translated into arabic?we can do that now systematically. it seems like an obvious thing, and we cannow do it at scale. we are not done. what we really want to do--andagain this is with your permission, with you signing up, and with appropriate privacy--is be able to answer questions that are more interesting, rather than looking somethingup. we want to be able to answer the question:what should i do this weekend? the answer is: it depends. it depends on whoyou are and what you care about.

we are not there yet, but we are working onit. we think technology can fundamentally changethe way that you think about how you spend your time and what you care can be infinitely more educated. i can tell you that from google's perspective--frommy perspective as a google user--i am enormously more knowledgeable at the things that happenin my daily life. it is a wonderful way of living one's life,in my view. i want to talk about energy as part of this.we have talked about technology. we have talked about policy.i want to talk about energy, because we are at one of those points where we have to getthis right.

the argument, roughly, goes like this: oilis infinite--oil is finite, excuse me, limited, but information is can you take information, how can you take the structures and the kind of stuffthat i am talking about now, and apply it to something which is the life blood of whatwe do. these challenges are very hard. they are certainlyas hard as the information challenges and the science challenges that i am talking about.they may be harder, because there are so many players. we understand that energy is everythingabout what we do. it is interesting that it is a trillion dollarindustry, 1.5 trillion dollar u.s. industry. it is a very large have a situation where you have climate

change, which can be argued as the other ofthe 2 threats against essentially global disaster. the first being nuclear proliferation.climate change is very real. it is very much a threat in our have all of the issues of the energy industry, energy efficiency, waste, and so fourth andso on. you have issues that are going on now withrespect to pricing, pricing stability, incentives, and so fourth and so there a way of solving this problem? over the summer a number of people got togetherat google, and we said is there a silver bullet? of course the rule is that there are no silverbullets in life. is there one? is it possible to come up with a solutionto this question, which solves the climate

change problem, causes oil prices to go down,gets people to go to work, replaces our energy infrastructure with basically fossil fuels,creates an export industry, and--by the way--we can afford?by the way, if you ask the average person anywhere in the united states--certainly herein washington, certainly in the meetings i have been in--the answer is no.okay, but we have produced such a plan. it is called the google 2030 energy goes roughly like this. when you look at the energy problem, you candivide it into 2 halves. the first half has to do with electrical powergeneration, energy generation which as you know is primarily coal.coal is very bad for co2, but very cheap and

very prevalent here and in china, and alsonatural gas. the other half has to do with transportation.most of the issues with oil are really transportation issues.for various reasons you don't use coal in your cars and you don't use gas and oil togenerate electric power. so divide the two. how do we address the fundamentalissue of electricity? we have a lot of ideas. the most importantthing to do in our modeling is to make sure that we have the same level of efficiency--thatis consumption-per-citizen--now for the next 20 years.well that is kind of wimpy. an interesting fact is that the per capitaenergy consumption has gone up by around 50%

per citizen.this means that it is growing even faster because the number of people in the u.s. isgrowing. except in states where the regulatory environmenthas decoupled utility profits to utility efficiency. in california we started this in 1973 in anact of enormous insight, i think. they changed the way they regulate the industry.they get paid based on the energy that they save, not the revenue that they make. interesting.two thirds of states, now, in america, have some variant of that, either in place or inlegislation that is being discussed. this is a very real thing.if you make that assumption, and you assume roughly $3 a gallon gas, you get energy efficiency--literallysavings from plants that you don't have to

build.then you can build different kinds of plants. the observation about plants, by the way,is that every plant we have now will have been rebuilt in some form by are going to have to rebuild them anyway. so why don't you build them differently?stop building the coal plants, and focus on solar, wind, and enhanced the sun is going to shine for the rest of our lives, thank goodness.the amount of power that comes from the sun, especially in the united states of coursewith our deserts and so fourth, is enormously powerful.there are new technologies; these amazing solar concentrators that take all of thatstuff and really get it to wherever it needs

to go.wind is almost approaching now--with these huge turbines that move very slowly so theturbines don't hurt the birds-- the cost per kilowatt hour is very close toapproaching the cost of coal. by the way, there is a problem with solarand wind. there is no grid where the wind and the solar are.the people are in the cities. the simplest thing that we have to do is we have to addressthe grid problem. this is independent of the smart grid. youjust have to get the grid there. in talking to the utility people, they areactually happy to build the grids but it takes them 15 years because of the overlapping issuesof government and so fourth and so on.

there is something called the high plainsexpress. there is a wind tunnel essentially that goes through wyoming, colorado, new mexico,and so fourth. they are trying to harness it, but they can'tget the infrastructure approved. here is an example where good public policy,federal preemption, and all those kinds of things, and incentives between these differentplayers could really make a difference. that is how energy plays out.i will take you through some of the ideas, being more specific, in a second.there is the other half, which is cars. you have to do both, by the way.what is the story with cars? we have these cafe standards. the automobile industry isin trouble and so fourth and so on.

is there a solution? it looks like there is called plug in hybrids. what happens is you have a battery--the newbatteries are phenomenal, getting better, and there is a lot of battery research thesedays--with a small engine. the battery is charged up for 40 miles orso. this is the chevy volt for example which is going to be a great drive around for your short trips just on the battery which you can charge from yourhouse. if you need more humph to get wherever youare going the gasoline engine then charges the battery, and off you go.when you do the math of those kinds of approaches, you save half the fuel.all of a sudden your mileage in a prius, for

example, goes from 50 miles per gallon to100, pretty neat. does that work for all cars: absolutely.there are many other ideas. one person, [indistinct], has actually donea calculation where you can improve if you do things involving flexible fuels, the useof this hybrid approach, new carbon fiber technology to make the carslighter and stronger, and other aerodynamic styles, he can get the efficiency down bya factor of 30--that is 3-0. think about what that does to our friendlyoil producing states and their ability to set oil prices, and have us go through thekind of teeter-totter that we just went through in the last 6 months.why don't we figure out a way to never let

that happen?the way to do it is to create other choices, and let the market sort that does the government do this? the first thing is let's just have bailoutprograms. here is an example: current government discussionabout stimulus--by the way let's assume we are in a pretty severe recession.i don't actually understand how they make these decisions, but everyone assumes thatwe either in a recession or entering it. as a result the government will probably doa stimulus program. why don't we use the stimulus money to getthis initiative started? why don't we get a two-for?let's get the stimulation, but let's also

get the infrastructure.remember i love infrastructure. let's get it built.all of a sudden, instead of just a hand out program or just a subsidy, let's get it donebased on the principles of the kinds of things that i am talking do everything with private money at risk too. you have matching programs and so fourth.there are smart people here in the room who understand how to design these things so thatthe incentives are in alignment. maybe we could de-carbonize our economy. maybewe could actually get started on a multi-year, maybe multi-decade program which will ultimatelyproduce the outcome. for example, if you want to do stimulus, wheredo you do it.

give matching funds to energy utilities atthe federal level--so these are state utilities--for energy efficiency programs which they alreadyrun. they already have the legislation. they alreadyhave the standards. they already have the costumers. they already have the people whotalk to them. it is a no-brainer.what is interesting about those energy efficiency programs is how they do them. they hire localcontractors. what is happening in the housing industryright now? the contractors have no work. a byproduct of this is a good employment programwith a wonderful impact on energy efficiency. it is literally a jobs program for peoplewho are really desperate right now.

they went through the huge bubble, they allgot laid off, and their employment benefits are running out.let's do it this way. let's get them employed fixing something.there are many examples of this, insulation and so the way, insulationã¢â‚¬â¦you install the insulation in your house and it pays backnext year, the following year, the following year, the following year, the following year,and 50 years from now. oil prices are not going down.another example: people are unwilling to do improvements to their homes because they thinkthey are going to sell their house in 3 to 5 years, which as we know is not true today.nevertheless this is what they think.

a county in california figured out a particularkind of bond where you could take a loan to do home improvement--you know green improvementfor your home--and the loan goes onto your title.when you sell the house, that indebtedness continues at this very nice and friendly rate.all of a sudden people now have an incentive to think about a 7-year payback, or a 10-yearpayback. by the way, we all know that they are goingto be in their houses for 7 years anyway, so the city will, in fact, get its money is a huge societal good. you could imagine more interesting could fund the auto companies--going back to the auto could fund the automobile with bonuses

when they beat the cafe standards. they areclearly going to needs some kind of support could have differential tax treatment for efficient cars versus expensive cars.this is in fact what was done in israel. my point here is that these ideas have beenaround for awhile. we talk about the smart grid, matching thesmart grid. federal preemption to try to get the infrastructure built fairly is another example: renewable portfolio standards. about 10 states have renewableportfolio standards where they have committed to get their energy portfolio--a typical example would be 10% of their energy is renewable by have federal renewable portfolio standard,

which has been could have incentives, for example the government will help fund a transmission linebetween any 2 states as long as they have a renewable portfolio standard.these are some interesting ideas. another thing you have to do is you have toget money going. you have to get money going into the rightplaces. tax credits--we talked about before--solar,wind, and geothermal. how much tax credit should they get to offsetthe tax credits that the fossil fuel industries have absorbed over the last 50 years?if you do the math you will discover any number i give you is low.a calculation on the order of 10 billion would

be just fine, thank you very much.another problem is getting money going into the has dried up. we all know this. it is very difficult to get a loan.there are ideas floating around. the cleverest one that i have heard is to create a federalenergy lending authority modeled on the farm credit act of this idea, you create a federally funded, that is, a capitalized bank.under a set of assumptions, which need to be worked out, makes low-interest long-termloans to people to do the kinds of things and build the kinds of businesses that i amdescribing. you do it with matching money, private sector,and all that kind of stuff.

another example is that you can do that andyou can tie that to an energy buying authority. how much oil, how much energy do you thinkthe federal government buys every year? one number i came across was 40 billion dollars.i have no idea if that is correct or not. my point is these numbers are create a market. you create a lending opportunity. you stoke the innovation.put it all together and you have an opportunity to really go.there are even crazier ideas. there is a co2 eating rock that if you takethe co2 and you pump it on the rock it turns to marble.let's find more of that rock and solve that problem.another person said the problem with the auto

industry is that the auto industry has 17million capacity and they are selling 10 million. they don't have enough demand is the way to have demand is to reduce the number of cars people currently have by buying thepolluting cars. getting them off the road creates demand.these are interesting ideas. i don't know if they pencil out, but these are the ideasthat need to become part of our public policy. if you put all these together, the estimatesare that these are jobs programs. we understand, in a political context herein washington, that jobs programs matter. they matter a lot to our congress, and theymatter to our citizens. estimates are that there are 1 million, 2million, even 5 million jobs being created

by these kinds of programs.we need to do these, and we need to do these now.putting all of that together, it is time to restore trust in how our government worksand how it makes this decision. i want to return to the model of the internetand how people can use it to make decisions. everyone here knows that the internet is changingour nation. i would argue that the internet was a big winner in 2008.there is no question that president elect obama used the internet very skillfully, especiallyearly on when he was not as well known. he used the internet for fundraising, forgetting his messages out, and for communicating. over the weekend he used, as part of his radioaddress, he used youtube to communicate a

video image of him giving that--which wasvery successful. what has not been as noticed is that as aresult of that people are now debating it. it is causing engagement. on youtube you cannot only just see his talk, but you can say whether you agree or can produce videos that say he is wrong, or i don't like it, or what have you.this notion of engagement is fundamental to, i think, how we get through this.historically how is legislation done? you have smart young staffers who sit have all the politics among all of this. it is done in the corners and so fourth.then all of a sudden they unveil the legislation. instead why don't we move to much more ofa consensus building model, which is what

the internet allows.why don't we get people more engaged? yes, you will get your 1% crazies.the fact of the matter is a lot of people want to participate.what is interesting about it is that--i will give you the negative example first.why did we not have more of the tremendous scandals in the last year? the political scandalswhere there was this issue and that issue. many of them were based on falsehoods, andthose scandals didn't occur because when a falsehood was asserted by somebody, it wascorrected quickly by what i am going call the police of the internet.people care so passionately about these things--and they obviously have a lot of free time--

that they tracked each and every thing thateverybody said. if you are political leader and you make astatement and it is not true, you are going to hear.especially if you say something which is at odds with what you said the hour before.people are watching. that level on engagement is a permanent changein our political thing. even if you don't really care about the internet,you think that we are all crazy, and all that kind of stuff, as a political leader, youknow this matters because you have seen your fellow members be caught in it.they have been caught in the business-as-usual model, when this new model is can we take that? how can we take that

forward?with this enormous accomplishment of the first african american president in history, 40years after martin luther king's assassination. this is an amazing achievement for america.we should all--whether you support president obama or not--you should be proud of can we go forward with this idea? it seems to me that you want to encouragedebate. more debate and more voices let the truth emerge.basic information that the government uses is not available. you still can't fundamentallysee the information sources that are used. there have been a series of acts which havetried to open this up. the vast majority of information is stillnot searchable or findable, either because

it is not published or because it is on websiteswhich the government has put up which no one can index.that is our job. these are easily solved by legislation andby a focus on getting the information out. it is better to have all of those people withyou, than to shut them out. the people who have lost in the last somenumber of elections, and political leaders have learned embrace them, you don't shut them out. how do you embrace them?for example: we can stream almost all of the public meetings on technologies like youtube,youtube's competitors, and so fourth. the bandwidth is there. we built all of it.why don't we get people more involved?

warren buffett writes in his manual: "ourguideline is to tell you the business facts that we would want to know if our positionswere reversed. we owe you no less." why is that not also true of our government?government has not embraced, generically, the tools that we all use everyday.they have not embraced blogs, video, and all the information is time. it is time to do it and to do it right.other countries are doing this better. britain for example--i was looking for exampleshere in the us. arizona has a particularly good one wherereal estate agents can actually now figure out what everybody is doing, what the rulesare, and so fourth.

there are examples, but it is no where nearwhere it needs to be. there is no particular reason why it can'tbe done very quickly. waiting until the eleventh hour to solicitfor input on the bills is crazy. why don't you start?you will get a better bill, and you will certainly get more buy-in if you get earlier.yet culturally we don't want to do that. here is another example: the patent and trademarkoffice which is as overloaded as it has ever been.they are running a very interesting new experiment where they publish the patents early for publiccomment. guess what; all the players who care deeplyabout these bazaar and nerdy patent really

go after it.there is no way that their patent examiners can fundamentally get all the insight thatthe wisdom of crowds can do. why is that not true of every branch of government?it makes perfect sense. use all of those people who care so passionately and who have a lotof free time to help you. i want to finish by saying that--let me putthis in the context. i am very much an optimist about sit there, you read the paper, and think: god, should i wake up in the morning or shouldi just take the day off. you feel like turning it off while it is allhappening. i don't know if we are at the low yet, orif there are more lows coming.

i certainly don't think anybody else does.i do know that the country has faced many more significant challenges.let's start with world war i, world war ii, and you name it.let's take the crisis, let's take this huge set of issues that we face, and let's dealwith it as an opportunity to get the structure right.the aspects of this have to do with communication, policy, and the proper regulation.this financial crisis that we are facing today, to some degree, will force all of these peoplewho have had such a good time arguing about tax policy in 2011--this is something which is not particularly relevant today--to force them to deal withthe reality of the choices they face.

the choices are not easy. they are very hardand very subtle. figure out a way to get the population involvedin those in a way that is much more immersive. there is recognition among americans thatyou have to have private sector and public sector involvement together.there is not a silver bullet of just government or just private freedom to do whatever youwant, regardless of its costs. this framework gave rise to the internet.remember the government funded it. the government helped in its was designed by scientists. it created a business opportunity that was open. thatis how scientists think. the openness created business opportunitiesthat created huge corporations. they changed

telecommunications. they changed modern brought us, i think, to a much better understanding of each me, my optimism comes from a rock solid view of the genius of the american peopleand the power of technology. this is how i live my life every day.i am convinced that, armed with the internet and sister technologies, we can get our countryback to work. we can get really outstanding solutions overthe long-term. we can face these challenges, and we can facethem head on. let me close with a quote. there is a tocqueville said--i will paraphrase because this is a french writer:america will do well because of the optimism

of its people, its abundance of land, andits absence of a king. this was said in 1831. let's listen to that. the optimism of itspeople: that is what i am talking about now. the abundance of its land: think about allof that solar, all of that wind, all those people, all those cities expanding, all thatgrowth that is within us. its absence of a king: think about the peacefultransition of power to a new government. one with a new set of opportunities to succeed,and we hope them very well. thank you very much. go ahead, yes sir. >>foster: hi, my name is david foster andi am with the social security administration.

a pleasure, i very much enjoyed your talk.we have one of the largest it centers in the world. we are also leaders in health it. wepump out a billion dollars a day to the american many ways we are the face of government. we are very interested in terms of what youwere talking about. in terms of changing the structure and getting it right.we have an it advisory panel. we were wondering--any help you could get us in terms of gettingthese new innovations into government would be extremely helpful for us. >>schmidt: it is interesting that social security,i think, is probably the most successful large it project in the united states.for about 20 years, as best i can tell, the

it department has been--as far as i know itis the largest operational such site. it does it with enormous accuracy.i don't know how you all do it. it is sort of the interesting case. >>foster: i would also like to add that weare actually the lowest funded it agency of comparable size. >>schmidt: so now we understand how to doit. maybe because it is done so professionally. maybe it is its me the social security thing is a good example where you can build a government systemthat is federally funded that really does provide things which are highly measurable.what i would suggest is that the opportunity

with all of that data is to make as much ofit available--again in generic forms--for people to analyze, to understand,and to open up some of the information that you have to get others to be able to helpyou. the only suggestion i would make for the socialsecurity administration--because i think you really are the best of the best--is how can you get the other people to help you do an even better job.that i don't know, but i would encourage you to think about it. >>foster: any of your colleagues would beterrific. >>schmidt: okay, will do. thank you. theyare here.

>>simpson: i am john simpson. i am with consumerwatchdog. i was fascinated by your quote of our success coming from the fact that we don'thave a king in this country. i guess i would fear that perhaps you havebecome the king of the internet. that has all sorts of terrible implications for privacy.we are very concerned about the way many people enter into google's web without even realizingthat they are having information go in. we have posted 2 videos about that, whichare available on our site: strangely enough.we encourage everyone to look at that. specifically for you sir, we wonder why you haven't respondedto us in over a month about these. these are very well documented you essentially look at people's email

even if they haven't opted you are now marketing all of your acts to congress without really talking about thekind of necessary security that is there with cloud computing.we have issues with the privacy things. what you are doing with congress could potentially,it seems to us, be a breach of security. we are very eager to work with you. we thinkthat much of what you do is fantastic. it has to be done in a transparent way. people,as you said, they have to opt in. most of your material now i would suggestthat the default does this to you and there is no easy simple way for instance to optout of autosuggest. we have some specific suggestions. we lookforward to sitting down and talking with you.

i ask you today: when can we do that? >>schmidt: this is not the best time to setup a meeting with me. we can talk about it afterwards. >>simpson: we can talk about it is not easy for me to do this in front of 200 people. this is not my preferred method. >>schmidt: i have actually read your lettervery carefully. >>simpson: thank you. >>schmidt: i am generally sympathetic. youmake a set of specific suggestion which have to do with ssl, https, and so fourth and soon.

>>simpson: exactly. >>schmidt: our general approach would be todo all of those except that they make things slower.for example, in most cases the specifics that you talk about--we have the opportunity butthe default is not to use the most secure form because it slows everything down. >>simpson: it also advantages your marketingefforts. let's have a transparent conversation. >>schmidt: again, i can assert to you as amatter of fact that this is not something we think about.what we do think about is latency, literally speed.we are looking at the specific ideas that

you talked about, but ultimately we are not,i think, going do anything that disadvantages speed.what we will do is things which advantage communication.i applaud your publishing your analysis, your area of concerns, and so forth.we are very focused on this from the standpoint of both the combination of performance andprivacy. some of the other specific things that youtalked about: for example you talk about email and sender versus receiver.i am going to have to take those as product suggestions and/or that is not how our systemswork. we can do that offline.

>>simpson: i would look forward to doing thatoffline. thank you very much. >>holferd: dr. schmidt, esteemed members ofthe media, honored colleagues and guests. my name is elizabeth holferd and i am withneutral net. i would like to shift the conversation backto infrastructure. distributed energy as well as smart grid applicationslike automatic outage notification, truly advanced meter reading, and those types ofservices require a robust twenty first century 2-way communicationsfabric in the electric utility industry. at the same time things like cloud computingas well as telemedicine, telework, and things that we talk about reaching intorural communities and really allowing people

to function at very much higher levels thanthey have in the past. this requires again a robust 2-way communicationsfabric. the company that i am involved in does asset addressing both of these aging infrastructures-- i want to go back to the infrastructure issuebecause you talked about encouraging and restoring confidence in the government.what are your suggestions, as somebody that is a chief development officer and as somebodywho is getting a lot of feedback from the markets right do we restore market confidence in investing in infrastructure and investing in innovation?right now, all of us realize that there is money out there. the investments are goingare into distressed assets, assets that already

exist.people plan to turn those around in 2 to 3 years. it is not an investment in infrastructureor innovation. it is an issue for us right now. how do werestore that kind of market confidence? >>schmidt: i think partly we have the correctpresident to do this in the sense that president elect obama has indicated his support forthe notion of a smart grid. there are in fact task forces being assembledthat are looking at this question and are thinking about it in the context of short-termspending versus long-term. one of the problems that we have is that wecan't do--infrastructure spending doesn't generate enough my conversations i will say: well you know

have we spent a billion here on that.they are talking about much larger numbers in order to get the country moving again.i think our problem fundamentally is that we are not a big enough target.the technologies are not mature enough, they haven't scaled enough yet, and there is stillmore technical work for example to be done on smart message has been more r&d funding in it. we, google, did a bit partnership with generalelectric on precisely this issue to try to get more sounds like your company is pushing very hard on that as well.i think ultimately we have to create a bigger target to get the stimulus to actually includeit.

that is, i think, part of our joint goal.i missed somebody in the back. yes sir? >>trumble: hello, my name is will question goes to utilizing bridge technologies to the point at which then we can assume usingplug in hybrid vehicles and the electrical gridthat we are hopefully going to generate through the wind turbines and solar technology inthe future. the immediate threat which we hear come outof folk's mouths day in and day out is that we are transferring wealth to parts of theworld in the forms of oil revenues. rather than shipping our wealth abroad, weshould keep it here. what is your stand point and view on utilizingnatural gas as a technology, as a bridge technology,

until we can create the infrastructure tolive off the renewables? >>schmidt: natural gas has been called thecrack cocaine of the energy industry because it is extremely is an easy conversion for traditional operators. its co2 emission is half that of for examplecoal. you would clearly prefer that over coal inthe current pricing regime. there are many problems with l&g and sortof the infrastructure that makes it, the number of players, the number of sources, and theglobal supply. what will happen of course it that as we movemore and more to that, prices will go up. this neutralizes some of its cost advantage,which is why it is so attractive.

i would prefer to have us focus on de-carbonizingthe economy with an understanding that if we do use l&g and c&g, we do that in specificareas. the most obvious is in fleet transportationfor trucks and buses. you have a single source of filling up, itis a local market, it is highly efficient for that use, it replaces an oil source whichis worse for the environment etc. i don't think that, if you scale the modelof the amount of power that we need, i don't think l&g and c&g fundamentally make up enoughof a gap to be the solution. they bring with them still a significant carbonfootprint. >>trumble: thanks

>>schmidt: go ahead. >>damashek: hi, my name is robert damashekfrom the binary group. i am a strategic advisor to the dod and army cios.we have been doing work, you know, inside of mentioned the inside and the outside connecting on trying to leverage the web 3.0, web 2.0technologies to connect people together to increase transparency and is hard to know how we connect with the transition team. how do we connect with thefolks to share our lessons learned? i can give you a white paper. what do we needto do in order to help make the inside of the government work more effectively withthe outside of the government?

>>schmidt: i don't know exactly. i want tolet--since i am not speaking for them--i want to let the transitions speak on how to bestcommunicate. i will tell you that in my contact with thesepeople, they are very smart, they really are listening, they really are looking for newideas, and they really are in a hurry because of the issues.i think this is a good time to be getting those ideas out there. i know that they wouldwelcome yours. down here, yes sir? oh did i miss. i am sorry.i apologize. way up there. >>sacs: my name is vicky sacs. i am from mit.i did my phd in management. i met a directory from nsf and i was speaking to him regardingthe mit lab producing a lot of interesting

projects.i am curious, do you guys offer support for projects like those?for example, i did a project with a friend of mine developing telemedicine.he developed a polymer. if a patient is traveling abroad or something,the polymer allows a doctor millions of miles away to transfer the medication to terminallyill patients and things like that. >>schmidt: we have been doing funding in 2areas. in basic computer science we will work with innovators in computer science and facultyat the leading universities including mit. we have also been funding in energy. we havemade small technology grants to do precisely the kinds of things that you are describingwith respect to alternative fuels.

we have also been investing in companies thatwe think are particularly promising for the energy future.that is an example. we have not been investing so much in the healthcare because we don'tunderstand it as well as we should. yes sir? >>clark: i am charlie clark, an editor withtax notes. i was interested in your plea to make the r&d tax credit permanent.i was wondering if you could speculate on any specific projects that either google orsome other major corporations would be ready to roll out if the r&d tax credit were mademore reliably permanent. >>schmidt: as you know it was just extendedfor some years. my argument was more of a

long-term. certainly in the short-term weare going to take advantage of the r&d tax credit that is already in does, for us, make a difference because so much of our expenses are tied up in ourinnovation. i can't give you a specific because it wasjust extended, as you know. it looks like we only have time for a couplemore. who did we not call on. down here, we will go ahead. >>tucker: thank you for coming today. billtucker is my name. i am a consultant. if you mentioned it, i missed it. how do youthink nuclear power would figure into providing power? it is one of the most efficient meansthat we have and is nonpolluting.

>>schmidt: nuclear power is a sort of rat'snest of issues. the first set of issues has to do with safety, long-term storage, andthe ability to do reprocessing. those are largely, i think, political issuesnot so much--they are technology issues but they are fundamentally political issues thatwe face. there is a debate as to whether there shouldbe a federal national reprocessing center. that has not been resolved. i don't have astrong opinion on that. i think those issues weigh on the industryas a whole. the second problem is an economic one.not only have there not been any new plants in the united states since the 1970s commission,but the cost estimates for the plants that

would be built now exceed the capital capability--literally the ability to fund those plants by the utilities.nuclear power in the united states will not happen in my view until you solve both problems.the second, there is a proposal--a working group, for example, at one of the nationalacademies said there are roughly 4 or 5 different interesting new nuclear power plant designs.they can never get funding because of the number of billions that is required to dospeculative funding will never happen. we as a country need to make a decision asto whether we want to take that expense. it is not for me to say. i think it is easyto say you are pro-nuke or you are against nuke.when you compare nuclear power for example

to wind, you would build more wind farms andconnect them to the existing grid quicker than you would build a nuclear power plant.obviously you might want to have nuclear as well.prioritization is such that nuclear does not come first.the model that i talked about in my talk does not include any nuclear. it does not includethe shut down of any nuclear either. nuclear, if it works, just like carbon captureand sequestration--if it works isn't that positive to the model that i am talking about.we can achieve our energy independence without resolving the nuclear fight, and without resolvingthe carbon fight if we focus on these other renewables.that is what i think was so interesting about

the idea. >>tucker: thank you. >>schmidt: it sounds like we have to go. iapologize to those of you who had questions. >>call: on behalf of new america, thank youall for coming out this afternoon. we will see you next time.

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