Thursday, February 23, 2017

when to sell wedding ring

when to sell wedding ring

if you are like i was you got a beautifulring girlfriend. you are finally ready to get married. before you pop the question youwant to impress her with a nice ring. but you dont want to break the bank and you alsodon't want to let her down. well i got a set of instruction on what i did to save you afew thousand dollars on that cheap engagement ring. it is going to look beautiful too.the first thing you have got to do is find out which diamond ring she likes. now youcan do this by personally going cheap ring shopping with her or you can get her friendto take her shopping and have her take good notes on which affordable ring she this first by hopefully setting a budget with her.for example, lets pretend i went to kay jewelers

and my wife fell in love with this neil lanediamond ring. you can see here that this one is fifteen thousand dollars. now i calledkay jewelers and i asked them what the price of the band would be without the center diamond.they told me it was three thousand five hundred dollars. so if you take the price of thisring minus the three thousand five hundred dollars for the price of the band the centerengagement ring is eleven thousand five hundred dollars for a very poor quality center diamond.once you found an affordable engagement ring you need to make note or go back at a latertime and make note of these six things. the color, the cut, the clarity, the carat, theshape of the center diamond, and the cost of the band without the center diamond init. now scrolling down you can see that the

weight of the center diamond is one and ahalf carats. the color is white and the shade i. which uh isnt that great. the clarity isi one which is terrible. it means it has tons of defects that are visible. now it doesnteven mention the cut of this ring. i'm imagining it probably is not that great. now what youneed to do is take that information and plug it into a diamond finder on a website thati have linked to in the description below. okay now i am entering in the same specs.actually i am going to put a little bit better than the one we found at neil lane at neillane for a diamond. and we are going to see that we found a diamond ring that is actuallybetter than the one we found at neil lane for about seven thousand dollars. that isa savings of four thousand five hundred right

off the bat for a better diamond than theone they offered you at neil lane. okay now all you got to do is buy that diamondring, take it into the jeweler where your girlfriend found the ring and have them placeit into the band and viola affordable engagement ring. now if your girlfriend isnt to pickyyou can pick out a cheap band on that website that looks a lot like the one she picked outfrom the local jeweler. and that way you can save a little bit more money and you don'teven have to go back to the jeweler. as you can see you are going to save thousands likei did on a real ring that is the same quality if not better than the one they offered youat the local jeweler. all you have to do is go to the website i have linked to in thedescription below and find the cheap ring

and the center diamond. oh and i almost forgotone thing. after she says yes don't forget to tell her you got her a higher quality,brighter, or possibly even a bigger cheap diamond than she picked out. bonus points.don't forget to like, comment and subscribe.

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when to order wedding rings

when to order wedding rings

one of the problems men run into when buyingan engagement ring is trying to determine what size engagement ring to buy. my nameis david kruger. i'm with kruger's diamond jewelers in austin, texas, and i want to discussthat problem today. part of the; part of the consideration would be, what kind of budgetyou're working with, because that ultimately is going to determine the size of diamondthat you're going to buy for your intended. the size of diamond could vary depending onyour budget; but, also, what would also determine the size is the quality of it, so you couldfluctuate the quality of the diamond and end up with a bigger or smaller diamond dependingon the quality, but it's a good idea when you go into a jewelry store to have a budgetthat you're working with. if you're working

with a jeweler that offers credit terms; todetermine how much of a monthly payment that you're comfortable with, but for sure, it'sa great idea to have a budget and a idea of how much you want to spend on the diamondand how much you want to spend on the mounting. there are a lot of variables in buying a diamondengagement ring, and that allows you the flexibility to utilize your budget to its greatest advantage.i'm david kruger with kruger's diamond jewelers.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

when is wedding ringer on redbox

when is wedding ringer on redbox

this historical drama from director mortentyldum became the high-grossing independent film of the year when it scored more thaneleven-times its $14-million dollar budget. released in the uk on november 14, 2014, thepg-13 rated film follows the true story of mathematician and cryptanalyst alan turingwho tries to crack the german "enigma code" during world war ii. the 114-minute narrativebounces between parallel timelines, one with turing as a school boy, and the other whichsees him attempting to solve the most daunting of math problems. the impeccable art directionand style, which meticulously recreates these dual periods scored "the imitation game" oneof its eight oscar nominations. impressively, even turing's room-sized "computer" is onfull display. hard to believe they make wrist-watches

now with more computing power. benedict cumberbatchportrays the awkward smart-ass who is widely considered to be the father of artificialintelligence and computer science. the story of this man's short and complicated life isextremely fascinating, especially to americans like myself who mayn't be all that familiarwith his accomplishments - many of which remained classified secrets for decades. turning mayonly be interested in the challenge of decrypting codes, but it's the unlikely obstacles andfriends he meets along the way that give this picture so much depth and interest. cumberbatch'soscar-nomination is equaled by his female counterpart, keira knightley. when benedictis feeling defeated, she echoes his earlier advice back to him by reminding, "sometimesit is the people who no one imagines anything

of who do the things that no one can imagine."this theme is repeated throughout the picture with great results, driving home the importanceof individuality and self-worth. with many oscar-recognized roles, there comesa point in the performance that you can single-out as the zenith of the actor's ability - anda defensive monologue delivered late by knightley is such a scene. the beautiful brit transcendsthe dialogue in a powerful way. the adapted screenplay also offers us brief glimpses ofthe actual war itself, to ensure we don't forget what's really at stake here. developingjust below the surface throughout, the issue of turing's homosexuality takes center stagelate in the picture, as the movie pivots from a dramatic bio-pic to a painful reminder ofengland's homophobic past. while undeniably

important, especially given today's changinglandscape regarding lgbt culture - this shift in story feels a bit jarring. up until the90-minute mark, the primary focus was on code-breaking and defeating the nazis. slow pushes and steadyclose-ups fill the wide-angle frame, while alexandre desplat's piano-laden score providesan airy backdrop to the more tense moments. although this slower paced story may not bethe type of picture you ever rewatch, "the imitation game" is a thoughtful and personalaccount of an inspirational hero. and here's what you had to say about it in the youtubecomments. despite complaints about the slower, formulaicnarrative, you loved the performances and tragic story, rating this an eight. i wasdefinitely moved by the scope and importance

of this picture, which made me completelyrespect and admire a man i knew little of before watching. i thought it was awesome.

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when is the wedding ringer

when is the wedding ringer

from the studio that finally learned how tomake pixar movies and the songwriting duo behind “hasa digaeebowai” comes the feature-length music video for “letit go”-- frozen it’s been three years since the last disneymusical, and 18 years since the last good disney musical. now, the big d is back and adjusted for inflation,with two princesses two goofy sidekicks

and three different orphans. welcome to arendelle, a magical-ish scandanavian-ishcountry that’s been cursed with eternal winter... even though their main export is ice. meet elsa, a manic-depressive princess witha confusing set of powers, like snow-blasting dress-making castle-building and creating life? "you're alive?!"

"i think so." they kinda gloss over that one. fall in love with her adorkable sister annawho spends 3 years of her adult life shut inside a castle...even though she could leave at any time. "i can't live like this anymore!" "then leave" and who could forget the completely unnecessary,unexplained, magical troll rocks? when disaster strikes, watch anna save theday by teaming up with

her sister a merchant a hot guy and a snowman to defeat... and a snowman. experience a clever twist on past disney filmsthat teaches girls they don’t need a prince to rescue them, because all men are disgustingloners greedy murderers

or lying manipulative power hungry sociopaths. "you won't get away with this." "i already have." happy now, jezebel? so gather the family and sing along on a musicaljourney that’s all about the soundtrack. featuring unforgettable songs like the exposition song! the song that sounds like it’s from wicked

the romantic duet the other romantic duet the anthropomorphic sidekick’s comic reliefsong the one you skip the one you don’t know the words to and the yolo song. starring... forgotten sarah marshall kristoff waltz

ugly smurfs hans gruber merchandising and the wickedly talented adele dazeem frozen. you don't need true love to thaw a frozenheart: just soak it in water for a few hours. workson turkeys. hey, screen junkiescan't get enough of my buttery voice? then check out honest game trailersover on smosh games.

click the box to check out our honest takeon mario kart. screw you, blue shells!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

when is the wedding ringer on dvd

when is the wedding ringer on dvd

let's clip the padlock to the bridge,throw the key in the seine... ...and promise never to fallin love with each other again. wet shoes flung about. it's you and me. no coffee in the coffee jar. that silly umbrella never opens. that window never's you and me. our life is topsy-turvylike our friendship. upside down but seemsright side up.

when the path aheadseems thorny... ...or changes shape and size... ...or feels just like a swamp. smile! spread your arms wide,breathe in the fresh air. it's free! wandering sailors, lost mariners... ...ever-ready to sail the rough seas,turning the tide as we go. a little nuts,

a little wise, we're old-time sinners, lovers of life. stumbling along the path. smiling through's you and me. carefree

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when buy wedding rings

when buy wedding rings

there are a lot of alternatives to diamondingan engagement ring. my name is david kruger. i'm with kruger's diamond jewelers in downtownaustin, texas. some of the choses that people make are color stones for center stones intheir engagement ring. it's totally a matter of personal preference and wear ability andalso there maybe a consideration as to the style that somebody wants a much larger centerstones and that will lend itself maybe a four carat diamond but a four carat sapphire ora four carat blue topaz. so, there are a lot of alternatives and if you're not interestedin a diamond as center stone, it will be important to go to a jeweler who will work with youto select a center stone other than a diamond that will work. the other alternative to anall diamond engagement ring is colored side

stones. so, you can have your chose of almostany sides or shape of a number of size stones in any gem stone that you want and a diamondcenter or you can have diamond side stones and colored stone center. so, those are someof the options other than a diamond that you might want to consider. my name is david kruger.i'm with kruger's diamond jewelers in downtown austin.

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Monday, February 20, 2017

what's wedding ringer about

what's wedding ringer about

hello everybody! my name is markiplier and i am officially back! yes! yes! yeaaah! back in more ways than one. i am back in la, my voice is back in commission, i am back from christmas vacation, and my hair is back to its normal color! and i know what you're all thinking. i hear it being screamed into the comment section below right along side all those spambots, "why? why? why? why? oh god fucking why is your

hair not red?" and i know that's a perfectly logical and, and... *gunshot* (oml be careful you perfect person) oops. ...and reasonable question to ask, but yes, my hair is back to its original color. and no, it didn't all grow out, it is actually been dyed back to my original color. it's a pretty good job. you can still see a little bit of red through there but i am very

happy to be back in my natural hair colour. and to answer the question "why?" so when i dyed it back in september of 2015, last - last year i can say now i did it for the charity stream because we raised a certain amount of money, i dyed my hair bright pink because that's what i promised, uh and i kept it, i-i kept it because i thought it looked good. i didn't care what anybody said, i looked fucking great, i looked amazing with it, and i really liked it, and i kept it for

another, a few other personal reasons, and i thought it was really good, but i'd never intended it to be a permanent fixture. i didn't even intended for it to be there for like a year. it was really interesting because in the past year, i've been to a couple of my friend's weddings, and now, forever, when i look back at those wedding photos, i'm gonna see me in bright red hair, so, that's a thing that's gonna be there for eternity and forever. but i'd always

intended to go back to my original hair colour because, #1, and anyone who has coloured hair knows this, it's a fucking nightmare to maintain. you would not believe the shit you have to do just to keep your hair a bright, vibrant, fucking red! like my god, it's obscene, you have to go like every month to get it touched up, and then for like a few days after that, your hair just bleeds out red everywhere, stains absolutely everything in your

house, and in my house, i'm an idiot enough that i have white towels!! what kind of?? i haven't even bought red towels in the entire year that i've had red hair! i have not bought red towels! what kind of idiot am i?! i'm an adult! aah! fuck! anyways, so, there's a number of other reasons why i wanted to go back, but i'm very happy to be back to my original colour, and eventually it will all grow out and then just be all natural and not dyed black. so,

those are the reasons to quell those thoughts. yes, i know. it's jarring and i'm wearing glasses again, what's up with that? it's a new year and i've got a lot of things that i'm committed to, but i'll get to that in a second, we've got more important things. yay! 16 million! woohoo! okay, alright, that's enough celebrating, that was exactly the amount of celebrating quota to do. so i have an idea, it's my sweet 16, and i don't know how creepy that sounds

but, yeh so that's the theme, okay, that's the theme of this. so basically, we're at 16 million subscribers and i found a little test, it's called the 'mental age test', and what it does is you answer a few questions and it determines what your "mental age" is, so i'm a 27 year old man, adult man, and i have a little wager to put against this, because people seem to think that i'm an immature man baby. people have called me as such on the internet

but i'm (ow) i am an mature adult and i know exactly what i'm doing in my life so, here's the wager: if - if - if if i take this test and it says that my mental age is sixteen or lower, i will allow tyler and ethan

to subject me with whatever punishment they deem worthy and i will accept it, no matter what it is. they are- i'm writing a blank cheque to them to torture me in whatever way they see fit. it could be mental torture, it could be physical torture it could be the tennis ball launcher to the balls, which is an option on the table because i'm confident that i am a mature - i don't know why i'm laughing -

i am a mature adult with mature thoughts in my head! if it's sixteen or lower, they are gonna torture me. if it's seventeen and up, i'm good. if it's 27 on the dot, *screaming into the distance* i'll get one billion subscribers!!! ok, so this the 'mental age test' and it's pretty simple. there's 20 statements, the answers are multiple choice,

your first answer is your final answer. statements are selected at random. millions of people have taken this test so the stakes are pretty high and the average age is actually 23, so i got a pretty good chance of walking outta here with my testicles intact! huehehahahe haboo- ok the best thing on tv is...

oh boy... "there's never anything good on tv". i hope that means i'm an old man! you've forgotten where you put your keys... ohhh nooo. literally always "twice already today". oh no - i'm old! i'm old and forgetful! i'm an old man! "you read apple have launched a new iphone, you think..." ah, fuck. i got this one as soon as it came out. i'm an asshole.

"birthdays are..." bullshit i don't want any presents i don't want anything to happen on my birthday if-if i can do anything, i'm gonna spend my birthday on someone else! "something to ignore, thank you" because i'm an old man that has had too many birthdays! "you find an old shirt in the wardrobe. you..." "can't believe you ever wore that and throw it out, keep it for decorating, consider giving it to charity, put it on, wonder how you ever managed to fit in it,"

*laughing* wardr- yeah, uh, wardrobe? i dont know what you're talking about. "you get passed on the motorway by a ferrari. you think..." *deep voice* bet the driver is a wanker. actually, what i think is they'll not get there any quicker, which i'm pretty sure is an old man thought. "you finish your meal in a restaurant. you..." doodle-doo-doo-doo "make sure you go to the toilet before you leave, order coffee, empty the tray into the bin

ask whether a tip is included, wonder which pub to go to." i-i'm a - i'm a cleanly, studious patron of a restaurant and i always make sure my tray is clean. "twitter is..." *groan of frustration* twitter is essential, for me. for me, i can't answer that not essential. "mcdonald's is..." oh no oh god no people are gonna judge me! uahhaaaahhh i eat more mcdonald's than i should, everytime i go there

which is more often that it should, i feel awful but i but i go! "ok for a quick snack." i can't- "you're planning a house party. you..." "think about telling your neighbors" - well this is - i don't plan parties so this is not me. "think about telling your neighbors, find out where the cheapest vodka is, make a list of people *start laughing* you aren't going to invite, plan out which games to play." yeah- i'm just going to think abou all the people i'm not going to invite because i i don't know where the not do this option is. eugh.

alright, "you see someone fall over on the street. do you..." "run over to make sure they're ok." yeah, that's probably me. "the best way to become rich is..." to work hard. "baseball caps look better..." forwards "dire straits were..." oh boy .....*nervous* uh *nervous laugh* i don't know i'm not good with music! i'm not musically inclined!

uh... who? i don't know who that is! "politically, you are..." uh, liberal? "you think a pension plan is..." "not what you though it would be, important, something worth considering, something for later." uh, it's important. invest early kids! this is an old man thing to say. "it's hot, you want an ice cream. you buy..." a magnum? you-you-you-you buy a you buy a magnum?

a m- a m- this? is this what you buy? on a hot summer day? "an ice lolly..." i'm beginning to think that this might be a british test. i'm guessing that this is like a fruit.. popsicle type thing? so i'll- i'll go with that one. "your prime minister/president looks..." he look- he looks alright - old. "miley cyrus is like, so over, a bit racy, quite good looking, everything that's wrong with kids today, a victim." these are none of the choices that i want to answer.

uh, like so over? i haven't heard about miley cyrus in a while. then again, i don't look. "the ipad is..." cooooooooooool? and that's it! and my age- oh god no what!? seven?!? *high-pitched scream* that can't be right i am a mature adult!!! i am a mature adult!!

oh god! *laughing* oh noo! oh noo! *laughing* heugh, maybe there's like a two hidden here? heh, is there like, some sort of 2? so that punishment... it's going to be in another video because ethan isn't home yet, but i'm gonna call him.

*phone ringing* mark: oh boy. mark: hey, are you busy right now? ethan: uh... ethan: i'm at... ethan: you're upside down. mark: you're upside down! ethan: yeah, what's up? mark: okay, so i'm recording a video and i was recording a video to celebrate 16 million.

so i had this bet. there's the mental age test, which is like you answer questions and it determines your age so i said- i said, if-if it said my mental age was 16 and under, i would let you and tyler pick whatever punishment you want on me. and uh, i said if it was 17 or over, i'd be totally fine. um... it said i was... i had a mental age of 7. *ethan laughs* *mark laughs*

mark: yeah. so, when you get here, tomorrow, ethan: yeah. mark: decide what to do and then... go easy on me. *laughs* ethan: *laughing* i got a mental age of 7. i don't know how! i thought i was answering old people's answers! mark: wha-how am i horrible?! i can't help that!

i know! i think it was bugged. i'm not sure. thank youuuu. i think. bye! byeee! maybe i could try it again.. maybe.. maybe i could try it again! not really much that could-- yup. okay. alright.

well. *clicks tongue* seven's what it is... unless that's a joke! i don't know. so anyway, that is that and we will do that and that is cool that that is happening! but bottomline is thank you everybody for 16 million subscribers. that is an astonishing number of people. i'm just grateful that every day i get to make videos for you guys.

i can't wait to get through this year. some of the uh, i'll go over really quickly some of the.. new years resolutions that i got for the entirety of this year are to work out every day. for an hour. and then to practice guitar for an hour every day. and then uh- also to learn german-- or practicing learning german. an hour. every day. and that's three hours of my life dedicated to improving myself

and getting myself back on schedule. and so far it's been good! it's been really good. but we'll see how it goes once i'm in la and we're making videos full time again. so... either way, thank you everybody so much for being here with me and thank you so much for watching for so long. thank you again for watching this video and look forward to the punishment very, very soon. thanks again and as always,

i will see you in the next video! buh-bye!

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